10 Interesting Facts About The Education System In Japan That Will Surprise You!


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Each and every country is unique in its own way, and Japan is one of those distinctive countries that the whole world is highly speaking about! Even tourists who had the chance to visit it admit that this bewildering country is definitely not part of this planet!

Like many countries, Japan has gone through many hardships and struggles a few decades back, but these ups and downs didn’t stop it from standing again on its feet and becoming what it is today! There are certainly many reasons that have contributed to this success and a major one is Japan’s highly regarded education system.

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  1. The one big thing they do is advance those that have potential and not say all should have equal education. They teach subjects that matter unlike us spending time teaching girls liking girls and boys liking boys is normal ECT. They don’t have the huge conflict of other races like we do which is a big plus .

  2. School uniforms deprive students of individual identity.. It raises them to be machines. There’s also a fetish for that too. It’s sick.

  3. One shot at a post-HS career is too stressful and not fair to anyone. This robs some bright students at a chance in life. Examination hell can lead to a life of HELL, and that ain’t right!