10 of the Most Dangerous Religious Cults in the World


What is a religious cult? Why is it dangerous? And how does it become so powerful?
Simply put, a cult is a persuasive, charismatic, and pragmatic founder/leader who can lead (control) a large number of individuals.

Generally, religious cults turn around similar religious perceptions of the apocalypses, isolation or superiority, and Spiritism. All of this is based on manipulation and control of people. Also, it is said that the road of cults is paved with cash (not for you, followers!)

Determining the top dangerous religious cults is not a piece of cake, as they all have almost the same issues linked to lack of humanity, criminal activity, drugs consumption, and more.

They were ranked according to the number of cult members and the destructive impacts they’ve caused to themselves and other humans (even children.)
Religious cults are dangerous because they are, in one way or another, extremist.

They reject society and cannot deal with different other people. Moreover, they do a whole lot of terrifyingly creepy stuff.

Here we introduce the world’s top 10 dangerous
(and creepy) religious cults. Get ready to be shocked!



  1. These are all past and mostly dead cults. What about the present day cults that profess worldly takeovers, domination of life, dictatorships, fake gods, etc. Isn’t globalization such a cult? World domination of trade and dictatorial laws eliminating any creative existence, followers of sunni islam, soros methods of control, fake news and propagander, the Obama way? Destruction of freedoms and human rights?

  2. I totally agree with T.J.COYNE. You The Author of this article JOHN W. ROPER are doing nothing but presenting the PAST. What about the PRESENT CULTS and the FUTURE they can wreak havoc upon???? An example, have you not heard about ISIS? What about the many others out there. Are you a mere writer or a Professional Journalist?

  3. What about Religions that believe that they should kill anyone who does not believe the way they do.
    I think whoever wrote about the religions was scared to go any further because of the present power and influence of this old but now powerful group who are growing and waiting their time to take over the World.

  4. What about the CULT OF PERSONALITY? Dictator thugs like Trump, Kim of North Korea, Putin, Assad of Syria are scum. There are the ‘militias’ and hate groups that just want to beat, burn, kill – sometimes in the name of God. Cults posing as ‘Christian’, as ‘Muslim’, as ‘Hindu’, crazy violent hypocritical bullies, thieves and thugs. They demand everyone be like them or else. That is NOT religion, it consumes the lives of those who are in it. That’s what makes a cult a cult.

  5. ‘Children of God, currently known as The Family International, is a twisted secret cult that raised much disgust amongst US citizens due to their belief that sex with children and incest are completely natural desires. ‘

    This sounds like the SMF fake President Donald Trump. He’s always gushing incestuous lust and talking smutty talk about his daughter Ivanka. There are pictures and videos of the two that would make a dog upchuck. He’s said openly on TV that he wants to date and MARRY her!!! Incest-mongering criminal sex-offender SMF!

  6. Those pictures of Heaven’s Gate, Solar Temple and People’s Temple are all of the latter. And the Nation of Islam kills everyone who leaves – like Malcolm X. Screwy Louie Farrakhan played a role in that.