10 Most Charming Christmas Towns You Need to Visit


#1 – New York City

new-york-city© Time Out

Christmas is just the best time of the year in New York. All of the New York attractions become at this time of the year illuminated and breathtaking winter wonderlands.

If you are searching for some magical holiday transformation and some unforgettable mesmerizing views then you‘d definitely be impressed to see the lighting of the Big Apple’s grand Christmas which is one of the most famous Christmas trees in the US that attracts millions of tourists rushing to New York city every single year during holiday times.

In addition to Rockefeller Center, let’s not forget to mention the Bryant Park “Un Jardin à la Francaise” which is a very busy public space surrounded by iconic skyscrapers and its vendor-filled Winter Wonderland, in addition to Central Park, with its serene gliding across the ice with the city skyline in the background and views of the Plaza Hotel; and Radio City, with its Rockettes and Nutcracker ballet troupe, make the City of New York one of the most magical Christmas experiences.

#2 – Santa Claus, IN

santa-claus-in© Enchanted America

Santa Claus is known as America’s Christmas Hometown and the world’s top Christmas destinations. This small town lives up to its name and not only offer a variety of Christmas–themed attractions, such as Santa’s Candy Castle but also arranges “Elf Chat” and hosts a “Bearded Blog” with all things Santa.

This year is a great opportunity for you to give the holidays another taste and give your children the chance to join thousands of old and young children who send their Christmas lists to the Santa Claus Post Office. Who knows, they might be lucky and receive a response in return.