18 Amazing Things You Need To Do In Moscow During World Cup 2018


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Fifa World Cup 2018 is only a few months away and we can’t be more excited! Whether you are a big fan of soccer, or you just want an excuse to travel to Russia, this list will help you during your visit because in both cases, you would probably want to discover every beautiful angle of Moscow, and we guarantee you, you will have a lot of fun!

In this list, we gathered for you the most incredible places that you have to see during your visit, even between the matches. Plus, some tips on how to find cheap hotels and delicious Russian food.

Click through the slides to find out 18 best places and activities you shouldn’t miss in Moscow during the Fifa 2018




  1. When is the FIFA WORLD CUP? To see all these places posted here in websites how many days have to stay in Russia? Need a private tour guide to show all these places How to book a hotel accomodation?.