9 Highest Poverty Rates in The World


The first, key goal of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development plan is the eradication of poverty. Since the UN is the hub where all issues are discussed and states are supposed to help each other, all countries are invited to reduce the poverty rate in the world.

According to the UN’s data, 10% of the population worldwide suffer from poverty issues. This means that 700 million people live even below the poverty line, as their daily struggle to access the very basic human needs persists.

This is just one fraction of the entire puzzle of poverty facts. While some countries live in luxury and comfort, some others are faced by all the effects of poverty.

The UN and other international podiums address yearly the causes and effects of poverty, but poor people do not need words, they need innovations for poverty action and effective solutions to poverty. Let us learn about top 9 countries with super-high poverty rates.