Here Are 10 Of The Greenest Places Internationally


Our dreams become bigger and bigger as we grow old. When we were kids, all that we dreamt of was a quick car ride with our dads. At the time, these cars were rockets to us. We never thought of experiencing air travel, so we were satisfied with family road trips.

Now that we are old, our dreams got also ‘old’. We now dream of engaging in new cultural experiences, scouting different cities and seeing the whole world at close range. Our journey of dreams never ends.

As adults, all we want is one of those peaceful vacations in a remote destination, away from all the life means of distractions, spent in luxury vacation rentals; in a place where you can taste real adventure travel experience.

Don’t you think that these places need our care and attention instead of going there and polluting them? Mother earth is in pain but in silence. We are the ones that are destroying the last signs of life on earth.

Ironically, we complain about global warming and climate change. We don’t need a course entitled ‘introduction to modern climate change’ to tell how serious the issue is.

It is quite enough to look around us and understand that taking climate action is needed more than ever. There are cities and places regarded as the greenest spaces on earth. They deserve to be visited and seen.