Top 10 Countries that Suffer from Rape Crime the Most


Top 10 Countries that Suffer from Rape Crime the Most© Travel guide

‘No means No!’ But it seems that the world is having difficulty to understand it. Actually, there is 1 rape victim every 2 minutes throughout the world, and it is both extremely terrifying and devastating. Sadly, when it comes to women’s rights, even the most developed countries aren’t as enlightened as they should be.

It is said that the only way through it is to keep your head high and speak up for yourself if you want to make a difference, yet, large numbers of rape cases go unreported since most systems are corrupted as well as not every victim is strong enough to face the heavy burden of the unfairness and cruelty of such a crime.

This act is devious, illegal, and unacceptable. It absolutely does not matter what the causes and grounds are, any rapist or harasser should be punished for breaking the legalities of life, freedom, and law.

Although some laws emerged to protect humans against this terribly inhuman act, rape is still a largely common crime, in some countries more than others.

You may want to avoid these 10 countries with the highest rape crime rates in the world:


#1 – Grenada

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Grenada is a charming Caribbean country, known as the ‘Spice Isle.’ Unfortunately, it is the 10th country with the highest rate of rape crime in the world. This nation has a rape crime rate of 30.6 per every 100,000 people. The utmost punishment for a rape crime is 15 years in prison.
Although this has helped lower the number of rapes, it still is an alarming issue.

Crime, in general, has long been a problem for locals. Extra efforts are being made to lower the crime rate that has been ongoing since the early 90s, trying to improve education and boost peace and safety levels. We can only hope that things will continue to improve.

#2 – Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is considered the safest country in Central America by the UN, but not for women!
In fact, the UN rate is based on homicide levels, while the rate of rape cases is 31.6 per every 100,000 people (which is higher than Grenada.)

One of the things you will notice on this list is that many of these countries have poor infrastructure and poorer education system. Moreover, they still operate under the ultimate belief that the man is the leader of the house and women are second-class citizens.




  1. Actually our country U.S.A is well up there if not the top 1 country for rape. If you look at other census that other people have done, you will see that. At one time Australia warned its residents to be very careful if they ever visit U.S.A because of our very high crime rate. Lol every country is gona try and shun another when it comes to census/ stats.

  2. Why is Sweden #5 of the top ten countries with rape crimes. You didn’t give a reason since it’s the only country in Europe on this list ?