Top 10 Countries Where You are the Most Unwelcome


Although it’s getting smaller, the world is an extremely big place. If tourism was approached properly, it could be an economic gold mine and almost all countries across the globe would have embraced visitors with open arms.

However, there are many places around the world who decided that they were better off without the masses of tourists, becoming a downright hassle to visit.

That’s not to say you should cross them off your list just because you have to go through some bureaucratic troubles, but there are some important things you need to know before you go!

These countries have closed their doors to Americans and several other nations worldwide. If you still feel the need to visit one of the places on this list, be prepared. You have been warned.

Check out these 10 countries that don’t roll out the welcome mat (especially for you)



  1. What about USA. ???? It is a racist country, which takes your visa fees first and then deny the visa. Even when my late US based fiancee was dying of cancer and her last wish was to see me, certified by letters of US doctors a heartless racist consulate member denied me the tourist visa.She passed away 10 days later.. So first add USA as one of the most unwelcoming and racist countries

  2. Hmm, I can think of many other places in this wide and wonderful world that I would much rather go to than any of the above “unfriendly” countries. I’ve never once had any interest in visiting any of them and I certainly have no such desire now.

  3. I have been to Cuba and it was wonderful as there were no bloody Yanks there. It was no problem getting there and the people were wonderful.

  4. Saudi Arabia welcomes Donnie il Douche Trump because he kisses the Saudi king’s butt. Iran’s government hates everyone. Somalia is in a state of anarchy. Iraq practically doesn’t exist since Saddam got canned. With Spankee Boy Don posing as POTUS, us ‘bloody Yanks’ won’t be welcomed anywhere until WE GET RID OF THAT ILL-MANNERED PIG!!!

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