10 Shocking Houses That Are Hidden From All Of Us


Dugout House in Texas, USA

dugout-house-in-texas-usa© BrightSide

It is the house that looks like a dugout and feels like home at the same time. It is a modern re-interpretation of an old house typology, and it is located in Brownfield site.

This place is all about healing the land and melting all of its scars away because while building it, it raised the awareness about how humanity shrink the natural landscapes and all of its infinite resources.

So, they created balanced by having an industrial zone with protected nature surrounding it. However, this place has everything you need to live a comfortable life, even a pool in the backyard. Plus, burglars will never know how to get to you.


Bungalow under pine trees. British Columbia, Canada

bungalow-under-pine-trees-british-columbia-canada© BrightSide

On this planet, there is a house that is anchored to a rock right above the Pacific Ocean. That is real and it is nearly 6 hours’ drive north of Vancouver. It was built very uniquely with a green moss on the roof that helps the house merge with nature in a way that could drive you insane.

The Tula House was technically built for a married couple by Patkau Architects, but it is also the main office of Tula Foundation, their organization, that supports environmental initiatives and healthcare.

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