The Best Valentine’s Day Last-Minute Gifts for Travelers



Looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for your most beloved travel lover? Check out these creative and trendy ideas. Not all of us can plan a romantic trip, sleep at the most romantic hotel, or even feel comfortable enough with the typical “roses and chocolates” to celebrate love.

Since you’ve fallen in love with a frequent flyer or a passionate adventurer, this is the right list to help you show your partner how much you love them in the most heartwarming and meaningful ways.

To help your significant other enjoy their journeys even
more, here are 6 best Valentine’s Day gifts to make your
favorite jet-setter’s heart melt all over you

A CityPass Ticket Booklet


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A CityPass prepaid ticket booklet is one of the best ways to help your significant other save time and up to 50% on awesome attractions. Plus, it’s just perfect if you’re planning a trip together soon.

Unlike other discounted attraction ticket booklets, CityPass has extra benefits, like skipping the line at the most popular attractions in several destinations, including Seattle, San Francisco, NYC, Houston, Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta.

Wireless Headphones


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You only realize the importance of headphones when you lose them. They’re probably the top must-have accessory, especially for frequent flyers and also those who cannot live without music.

So what’s better than headphones? Wireless headphones! You can consider purchasing Krankz classic headphones for $99.99 and pick the color you desire (white, red, and black.)

These headphones come with a built-in microphone and automatic call notification, making it easier for you to switch between phone calls and music (you need to sync it with your smartphone.) What’s amazing is that they have a rechargeable battery with more than 36-hour battery life.