10 Things We Normally Do that are Illegal in North Korea


Forget about internet, your favorite TV shows, having a drink with your friends and even about wearing jeans.

You have all reasons to be thankful for not living in North Korea because you would have been dead by now.

Here are ten normal everyday things that can cost you your own life in North Korea:

10. Drinking Alcohol


A North Korean military officer was officially executed in 2013, for disrespecting late Kim Jong-il by drinking alcohol during the 100-day mourning period. Citizens can only drink on special holidays.

9. Watching TV

watching-tv80 people were publicly executed in North Korea, for watching South Korean television shows. Authorities forced around 10,000 citizens, including kids, to watch the execution.

8. Driving

drivingNo one in North Korea is allowed to own a car, except for state officials who are chaffeured in extravagant cars to show off their political commitment. It is estimated that only one in every 100 people in this country own a car.

7. Playing music

playing-musicMusic is controlled by the state and must only be played to glorify the regime. No Adele for our North Korean guys, unless she’s singing about how great Kim-Jong-un is.
Corrupt Western music is a crime against the state and who ever played it will get killed.

6. Keeping in touch with people abroad

keeping-in-touch-with-people-abroadA simple call to someone outside North Korea will get you killed. Actually, a man was gunned down inside a stadium in 2007, because he made several international calls.
International communication will incur the Death Penalty.

5. Having an opinion

having-an-opinionOpinions about the government are also under control. In North Korea, anyone caught criticizing the regime is immediately sent to an educational camp, where they’ll endure harsh labor and ideological indocrination to relearn the regime’s values.

4. Leaving the country

leaving-the-countryNorth Korean people have to forget about enjoying a holiday somewhere out of their country, otherwise, they’re gonna be hunted down.
Traitors usually flee to China for refuge, but once caught by authorities they’ll be returned by force for execution

3. Believing in religion

believing-in-religionNorth Korea claims to offer religious freedom to its citizens, however, a Christian woman who was accused of distributing the Bible was executed in public for the crime. Besides the thousands of tortured people, for their faith.

2. Watching porn

watching-pornAny selling or even viewing of pornography is punishable by death.
The leader Kim Jong-Un had executed his ex-girlfriend in 2013, for making a sex tape, in front of her family.

1. Going online

going-onlineThere is no world wide web in North Korea, but rather a portal to state-run propaganda and can be used with authorization.
An online Journalist got a 6 months prison for a typo in a web article in 2013.