7 Dirty Things You Should Never Touch on a Plane


An airplane is just another small version of a jungle. The poisonous snakes, the scorpions, and the hundred bugs are just an example of the danger you could encounter when thrown in such a place.

However, the only difference between the two is that in a jungle you are fully aware of what to expect as you can see the danger with your own eyes and try your hardest to keep yourself safe and serene but an airplane is a different story!

Don’t you dare and touch the snakes! Oh, forget about the snakes, the invisible bacterias, viruses, and infections are also passengers on board. They are dangerous and can put your health at risk. And the results are not pretty at all.

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Of course, nothing is completely avoidable, this we know. Still, we recommend not touching these 7 dirtiest things on an airplane.
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