Here Are The 9 Disgusting Zones You Need To Avoid When You Travel


Once we think of a vacation plan, we somehow create this perfect, bubbly world where we are going to have a delightful flight and a gorgeous hotel room where all of our dreams will be coming true.

But as soon as we step into the airport, the bubble will pop in our faces because, my dear, our immune system is not capable to protect us from all the nasty we will be interacting with, and that’s when we say goodbye to the perfect world inside our heads.

The sad truth is our chances of getting sick increases highly when we travel because we will be close to people in tight quarters and shared spaces, and most of these people have hands filled with germs, and a system that contains viruses of colds, influenzas, and worse.

So, what do you think an aspiring traveler and adventure-seeker would do?

Well for starters, you have to be aware of all the danger zones and learn how to act quickly in order to neutralize the threat. We have collected for you all the places you need to clean or avoid while traveling because your health is what matters the most!

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