The Top 10 Smart Tips That Will Make Your Trip Smoother



If you are like me than you are both excited yet nervous when it comes to traveling, starting from packing, to parking, to reaching the airport and boarding your flight. Just the fact of writing about this whole process makes me feel stressed and anxious.

However, if you want to make your trip smoother, much more relaxed and a stressless experience, all you need is to follow these little clever tips that will definitely make a huge difference!

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Trust us, you will be thankful!


Always Park With Your Car Nose Out

always-park-with-your-car-nose-out© Altmannsberger

It happens to the most of us. When you are in a rush and try your hardest to park your car as fast as you can, catch a bus or whatever means of transportation you need to head to the airport, to finally catch your flight on time, you are more likely to forget to switch on the interior light of your car.

When you are back, you are surprised to have a dead battery, or in other situations, a broken window, or any other problem. A smart and useful tip, you can always follow is to park your car with the nose out in order to make it easy to access to the battery and also easy for the tow truck to hook up the car when it is needed.


Leave Time To Get To Economy Lots

leave-time-to-get-to-economy-lots© Chicago Tribune

As long as airports are expanding, the need for parking spaces increases too. Those spaces are usually found away from the airport and require about 20 to 30 minute to reach.

Still, the good thing about these places is that they have very significant low prices that leave you with no other choice but seek them despite the long distance and that especially if you are traveling during high seasons and need to save the extra money in your pocket.