10 Of The Greatest Destinations For Eco-Travelers


#10 – Bariloche, Argentina


The dream destination of all travelers is Bariloche due to the gorgeous mountains, forests, and lakes surrounding it. It is located 1,650 km south-west of Buenos Aires, making one of the most popular destinations for students… It is where they celebrate the end of the school year!

However, the government is doing its best to protect the environment of this city and its surroundings, as well as trying to attract eco-tourists by promoting many fun activities like parachuting, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, scuba diving, skiing, and hiking.

#9 – Brittany, France

9-brittany-france©Eurail Blog

Brittany is the only French region where the Green Destination ranking has organized ecotourism. It is a destination that attracts thousands of tourists all year round and it comes with 2,700 km of preserved coastline.

This French region has made some impressive efforts of following sustainable development over the last 10 years. This far, over 1,000 km of cycling trails and greenways have been created, which is amazing! Hopefully, more efforts will be done to this beautiful place and we will be able to see it all green, healthy, and protected.