10 Places where People Disappear in the Most Mysterious Ways


10-places-where-people-disappear-in-the-most-mysterious-ways© Taringa!

There are specific, strange places around the world where people keep disappearing, whether individually or in groups, and are never to be found again.

As scary as such places are, they also trigger too much curiosity. But they should be the very last places where anyone can spend a vacation or realize their dream of exploring the planet. People vanish in the strangest ways and whatever goes missing is never recovered!

We won’t be talking about the famous and extremely mysterious Bermuda Triangle, or even about the other enigmatic triangles, including the Michigan Triangle, the Bennington Triangle, and the Nevada Triangle.

We’ll actually highlight some other less-known places that everyone needs to know about, and most importantly, avoid at all costs!

Let’s discover 10 places where people vanish in the most mysterious ways. Read on