Top 14 Places With The Highest Life Expectancy


It is interesting how do our dreams evolve and our attitudes toward things change as we grow old. But there are things that stick with us for the rest of our lives; the same could be said about traveling.

We always looked at the high sky, and questioned our parents like police officers about how a plane can fly this high, yet not fall? How can we one day board a plane or even fly it? Where and how would it land?

Where do those people, that we later knew they are called passengers, go? ….. Such questions sounded philosophical back then, but now they seem to be very silly because we know all the answers.

Now, we can fly planes and be aboard planes! Well, this means a lot of traveling. On every vacation, flight reservation becomes the center of our planning.

A help of travel booking agent would become miraculous, especially when looking for a miracle for cheap business class fares and super cheap plane tickets. Who knows you may find some on the best online travel booking sites.

The thing is that some travel destinations are not just entitled to special flight deals, but also high rates of life expectancy. Let us discover some of these places together.

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#1 – Italy


Everything coming from Italy be it food or any other cultural aspect is unique. Take the pizza for instance, it is the Italian dish that toured the world for ages, it still is. This tiny European country is a mesmerizing center for fashion, food, and all forms of rich culture.

The most significant thing about Italy is the high life expectancy in the country. It may be surprising, but it is a fact. The average lifespan is estimated to be 89 years. The luxurious lifestyle in the country seems to be effective.

#2 – Monaco


Monaco is one of the smallest countries in Europe and the World. Few decades ago, this small state witnessed a genuine fairytale as late prince Rainer wedded Hollywood star Grace Kelly. Nicole Kidman featured the life of this gorgeous princess in a movie.

Monaco is named as a peaceful land where fairies live and tales become true. You will certainly enjoy spending your retirement in this place.

Lifespan is estimated to reach 89 years in this splendid place. The lifestyle is a bit financially demanding, but it is worth it. Keep looking for flight booking offers to enjoy a short stay in this place.

#3 – Japan


Japan is the country where people have no time to chit chat or have fun, yet it is making the list of the countries with the highest rates of life expectancy. This is not surprising for this country made significant improvements in the medical and health fields.

Lately, the imperial royal family of Japan entered a new phase as the old emperor stepped down while the new one, the son, stepped in. This glamorous nation, which knows no limits, has an average life expectancy of 85 years. Surely, the healthcare services provided for the citizens are quite excellent.

#4 – Singapore


Singapore is an example of making the impossible possible. If you look at the history of this city-state, you would not expect that one day it will be the way it is today.

Advent and developments are the main ingredients that mark the rising of Singapore. In addition to development, Singapore paid heed to environment protection as well.

The city-state records a life expectancy which is high given the qualified, provided healthcare. So what are you waiting for? Get a ticket to discover and explore the cleanest city-state in the world!

#5 – Andorra


Not everyone knows about this small country. It is basically situated geographically between France and Spain. The size of this country is no measure to tell the glamour it provides for both tourists and its own people.

At the level of public and heath facilities, Andorra is ranked among the best countries-providers of such services. Given this, no wonder that the lifespan is as high as 83 years, perhaps more. A stay for two or three days in this place on your way to France could be an unforgettable experience.

#6 – Switzerland


Herztlish Wilkommen to Switzerland! This European country is just beyond descriptive words you could use. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of this country is the watch industry and punctually.

Switzerland is known for being a reputable watch making country. All brands of its manufactured watches are sold everywhere in the world. Switzerland as a country is one with really good living standards and excellent healthcare facilities. Accordingly, the life expectancy is about 84 years.

#7 – Macau


This administered region of china is only 60 km away from the city-state of Hong-Kong. The city is quite famous for its incredible architecture and amazing heritage. In fact, Macau is enlisted as China’s world heritage site.

On top of this, the citizens here are quite satisfied with the provided living services. Plus, this is a place where playing Molly’s Game is legal, but it is preferable to stay away from this.

Focus more on what will keep you entertained. The life expectancy in this place reaches 84 years just like Switzerland; which is already a good average.

#8 – South Korea


Along a time ago, there were two little sisters known as the Two Koreas, but suddenly one day, they were apart because of war. That is the beginning of the long story of South Korea and North Korea.

They are an example of historical separations that were triggered by war and interests. Today, they are separate countries. In South Korea, for instance, people live longer than you expect. Women in particular have a high life expectancy rate, over the age of 90 years.

#9 – Iceland


This is a divine, earthly miracle and paradise. The beauty of Iceland is just unbelievable. Every fraction of this Scandinavian country is totally different from any other part of the world.

Iceland could be labeled as the green country, which is normal given the fact that the air is so clean and nature is all in green. People of this country are quite lucky to live in this pure spot, which could explain why they live longer.

The average life expectancy is above the age of 82 in Iceland. Are you excited to go and see the magic of this place? You can enjoy your stay in luxury vacation rentals you can reserve on independent hotel booking sites or even hotel search sites.

#10 – San Marino

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This is another small country located near Italy. Behind Monaco and the Vatican there you can find San Marino, standing high and proud. Here, people are among the richest folks in the world, holding the highest positions and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

They base their life on eating and exercising to live longer in the coming days. Well, this seems to work out just fine. This generates feelings of comfort, happiness and joy which affect your overall aging. That is why lifespan in this tiny country is 81 years.

#11 – Hong Kong


Hong Kong, the city state that shines in Asia just like Singapore. Despite being extremely populous, the government of Hong Kong manages to provide equal services to all of its citizens. The latter can live up to 81 healthy years of their lives.

Thanks to the healthcare facilities and health condition are an integral factor that raises the average of life expectancy. For the record, many people think that Hong Kong is just city in China, whereas it is a state just like Singapore.

#12 – Australia


It used to be apart of the empire upon which the sun never sets, present UK. But now Australia is an independent country and a whole continent on its own right. Many of you would remember the past days when Australia hosted the Olympics.

Traveling to there must have been and is still quite fun journey. It is the perfect spot to kick off a backpackers world travel experience.

Not to mention that Australia records the age of 82 as the average of life expectancy of people around the country. This is not surprising for you can use two words to describe the Australians: fit and healthy folks.

#13 – Sweden


Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries that form the Scandinavian Peninsula. This is the cradle of the known Vikings; the kings and the peoples who marked the history of northern Europe for centuries.

Their rich history and story made a fertile scenario for a number of TV series and movies. Of course, Sweden is a part of the story.

It is the country where safely and personal liberty are two things that characterize the life of its people. This explains how they manage to live up to 80 years of joy and pride.

#14 – Guerney


This so-called ‘gem of the sea’ was the source of inspiration for the French known writer Victor Hugo. He was sent to exile, Guerney, upon his opposition of Napoleaon III’s regime in France.

Now, this small island is home to rich people who come and live here to enjoy a bit of serenity. Healthcare services are provided at the top levels to all citizens to build up healthy and strong community.

Given the excellent healthcare system of the island, life expectancy is also optimized. P.S: if you want to pay low taxes, Guerney is the perfect place for that.

Which of these places caught your attention the most? And Why? Are you excited to go and pay a visit to one of these splendid sites?

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