Top 14 Places With The Highest Life Expectancy


#1 – Italy


Everything coming from Italy be it food or any other cultural aspect is unique. Take the pizza for instance, it is the Italian dish that toured the world for ages, it still is. This tiny European country is a mesmerizing center for fashion, food, and all forms of rich culture.

The most significant thing about Italy is the high life expectancy in the country. It may be surprising, but it is a fact. The average lifespan is estimated to be 89 years. The luxurious lifestyle in the country seems to be effective.

#2 – Monaco


Monaco is one of the smallest countries in Europe and the World. Few decades ago, this small state witnessed a genuine fairytale as late prince Rainer wedded Hollywood star Grace Kelly. Nicole Kidman featured the life of this gorgeous princess in a movie.

Monaco is named as a peaceful land where fairies live and tales become true. You will certainly enjoy spending your retirement in this place.

Lifespan is estimated to reach 89 years in this splendid place. The lifestyle is a bit financially demanding, but it is worth it. Keep looking for flight booking offers to enjoy a short stay in this place.