11 Shocking Laws Every Traveler Needs To Know


Malaysia – Don’t wear yellow clothes

malaysia-dont-wear-yellow-clothes© brightside

While packing for an exciting new adventure in Malaysia, remember to not pack any yellow clothes. Otherwise, your adventure will not only be exciting, but painfully unforgettable.

The yellow color is the symbol of protest, which is why the Malaysian government made a law that forbids anyone from wearing it. If you were caught, they will take you into custody.

Thailand – Don’t drive naked

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Even if it is 200°F degrees outside, you won’t be allowed to drive a car naked, or at least in your swimsuit, regardless of your gender.

According to their laws, it is never okay to be without any shirt on while going on their roads, it is applied to passengers, too. If you were ever caught topless in a car, bike, or any transportation then you will probably be slapped by a fine.

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