7 Places You Just Need To Go After You Die


    What happens after you die? No, before you enter the gates of heaven or hell; or before you start the reincarnation process or start floating into nothingness. (Well, it all depends on your beliefs!)

    What actually happens just after you die is quite realistic and predictable, and also, you just need to visit certain places whether you want it or not. (First, picture someone with a thick and deep voice saying ‘welcome to the spiritual realm!’)

    Lots of things happen after death… These are 7 places
    you will have to go after you die

    #1 – The Morgue

    the-morgue© The Mindtrap

    As soon as you die, you have to start off with a visit to the morgue, either in a hospital or elsewhere, where your human corpse is going to be stored awaiting identification.

    You may even get removed for an autopsy if you need it, but you can just chill around in a refrigerator with other corpses until you’re identified.

    Why do you need to be refrigerated? For the same reason you freeze your food; to delay decomposition.

    #2 – The Coroner’s Table

    the-coroners-table© SuperStock

    So you’ll get to meet the coroner, a person whose main role is to confirm and certify your death within a jurisdiction. This person may also conduct or order an investigation into the cause or manner of your death. In case you want to know, this role originates in England, denoting an officer of The Crown.

    So after you die, you must stop by the coroner’s table, where you might be poked by sharp metal objects while perhaps releasing the last shreds of waste from your bowels! Wait, you can’t leave without getting yourself a death certificate.

    #3 – Funeral Home

    funeral-home© Dothan Eagle

    You should absolutely make a stop at a funeral home. This place shall provide interment and funeral services for you and your family. These services might include the provision of a chapel for the funeral and a prepared wake and funeral, also, they may even create a memorial website for you.

    It is recommended to get the full embalming process, which includes embalming fluid injected into your arteries, (Did you know that It takes about two gallons of fluid to embalm a typical body?) but just trust the mortician will know what’s best for you to keep you suitable for public display at your funeral.

    #4 – The Hearse

    the-hearse© wiseGEEK

    So, when you’re dead, you’re going to want to go for your last ride around in a hearse, a vehicle for conveying the coffin at a funeral. There’s practically no other way you can go!

    #5 – The Coffin

    the-coffin© iStock

    Regardless of dying old or young, you just need to lay calmly into your funerary box, which will be used for viewing or keeping your corpse, and take a few hours to go to your funeral. Open casket or closed casket…! And guess what? Your friends and family members might show up.

    #6 – The Dark Hole

    the-dark-hole© NPR

    Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and so many other superstars all went about six feet under the ground after they died… and so will you. You just don’t want to be the only one missing out on slowly decomposing in a dark hole under the ground. It’s a must.

    #7 – A Cremation Container?

    cremation_container© theonion

    Of course, if you’re on a budget, you can always opt for something like this instead! And there are so many beautifully designed pots you can choose from. What will happen to your body?

    Being cremated means that your cadaver will be combusted, vaporized, and oxidized to basic chemical compounds, such as gases, ashes, or mineral fragments in the form of dry bone.

    Then, your cremated remains or ashes may be buried in a memorial site or cemetery of your choice (or your family’s) or they may be kept by your loved ones and dispersed in various ways.

    Cremation is usually done in a crematorium, but if you happen to be in another country, such as India and Nepal, you’ll experience as open-air cremation.

    #8 – The Afterlife

    the-afterlife© YouTube

    And no matter what, you just have to check this out for all eternity! The afterlife is where your stream of consciousness or the main part of your identity will go on to manifest after the death of your physical body.

    Whether your belief in an afterlife was naturalistic or supernatural back when you were still alive on Earth, you’ll finally get to experience the sense of eternity somewhere somehow. Enjoy!

    John W. Roper
    John W. Roper is an experienced photographer, traveler, and writer with an immense desire to bring the fun and expertise to you from all the places he visits and travel troubles he experiences. John tells stories of adventures you'd like to have or that are totally worth having. He seeks to excite, educate, and above all, inspire you to “go out there and start living,” as he says.


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