10 Countries That Will Pay You To Marry Local Women


Last Updated on September 24, 2020

The world’s statistics show that the world’s population is certainly growing but with a remarkable increase in the women’s population than that of men.

In fact, this imbalance between man and women is strongly present in some nations than others where men are in hot demand and women will do anything to attract a male partner. That’s not everything, even these countries are willing to pay a good amount of money if you accept to marry their females!


italy© Pinterest

Italy the land of love and romance is widely famous for its rich culture and cuisine too. This beautiful country is known to have a very small and unbalanced population were the female ratio is higher than that of men.

The reason behind this imbalance is the fact that married women there totally refuse the idea of giving birth to more than one single child.

Bormida is an Italian village located right in the northwestern of Italy propose a program that offers about 2000 Euros to anyone who is willing to move to settle down there and get married to one of the Italian women.

If the idea sounds cool, then, all you need is to pack your bag and leave!


portugal© Getty Images

Did you know that 70 % of the Portuguese population are actually females? In fact, the gender ratios vary by groups as well as by location. Portuguese people also don’t give birth to many children, the fact that lead to the issue of unbalanced population.

So, if you are ever thinking about settling down with a Portuguese, then, waste no more time! Portuguese women not only are beautiful but also strong and reliable!




armenia© Olevisión

The male population in Armenia decreased lately because of many different factors, one of which is war where Armenia lost a large number of the male gender. The female population, however, is increasing.


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