10 Of The Most Popular Myths About Africa That We Still Believe


The good thing about being a traveler is being able to discover and explore the world via your own eyes and not that of media.

When you are a traveler, you refuse to be a slave of the information you receive, instead, you choose to be the one who looks for the information, the one who discovers it and the one who unveils the truth and bring it to the light! That’s quite normal because all travelers, without exception, are born wild and adventurous.

Unfortunately, the media manipulated our minds and deprived us of spreading on earth and peacefully coexisting with others that speak not our language and belong not to our religion!

Africa is one vivid example! We have heard quite a lot about this particular destination. We have been taught that it is where dark colored, retarded, and uncivilized people live! We also have been warned that Africa is teeming with deadly contagious disease, and the list is way too long!

Today, we invite you to break the stereotypes, debunk the myths, and click on Next to learn about 10 controversial things about Africa that most of us still believe!

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