5 Places That Are More Mysteriously Important Than Bermuda Triangle


5-places-that-are-more-mysteriously-important-than-bermuda-triangle© Opodo

We all know about the Bermuda Triangle, or as some call it, the Devil’s Triangle. It is known for the mysterious disappearances, visions of extraterrestrial and bizarre paranormal activities.

There are many people who believe that there is some sort of vortex there or a wormhole. But in all cases, that place is very mysterious, creepy, and strangely dangerous. Well in case you haven’t heard, there are other places that are way mysterious and more dangerous than The Bermuda Triangle…

Our planet seems to never disappoint us with strange and dangerous things that always blow our minds. Yes, they may end our lives and forbid us from seeing the light, but we still curiously seek them and explore every single bit of them.

Maybe that’s the reason why humans will go extinct. Anyway, for you fans of the creepy and eerie, here are the 5 places that are more mysteriously important than Bermuda Triangle.

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