The Top 10 Largest Airplanes In The World Of 2017-2018


Airbus A340-500

airbus-a340-500© Pinterest

Airbus A340-500 was able to combine comfort, great performance, and beauty.
This large airplane was developed and delivered by the European Airbus Industries. This large plane was designed for ultra-long-haul routes, and it is true!

It can travel from London to Australia non-stop. Plus, it has 4 high-sidestep turbofan motors and can situate over 375 travelers for each class. The biggest administrators of this model are Air France and Lufthansa.

Airbus A340-900

airbus-a340-900© Wikipedia

A brother to the previous airplane, but a little bit bigger: Airbus A340-900 is an individual from A 350 XWB group that is capable to give solace to 325 travelers divided into each section, great salary potential, and productive working with the administrators.

The significant client for the airplane is Qatar Airways.

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