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However, South Africa is one of a preferable location for tourists because of its charming nature and beaches. It is quite possible to enjoy visiting Cape Town, but you should avoid traveling alone especially at night.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the biggest seaside city in Brazil, which is indeed a popular destination for many beach lovers around the world.

As a matter of fact, Rio is more secure now than it was several years ago, but that doesn’t deny the fact that it is a dangerous place that has high crime rates. So, serious precautions should be taken anywhere you go in the city.


Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala is the capital city of Guatemala, a Central American country in the Caribbean. Although it is a popular and fascination tourist location, the city is extremely dangerous due to drug gangs who control everything.

It suffers from a severe murder rate in addition to other crimes like carjackings, kidnappings, and street robberies. So it is recommended to remain in safer regions or to avoid visiting Guatemala City.


Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco was once a luxurious and safe resort area. While it still one of the most popular touristic areas for many beach lovers, violence, and drug dealers has transformed the city into a seriously dangerous location.

Current statistics have revealed that Acapulco has one of the highest murder rates in the whole world that reaches 142 per 100,000 people. It highly recommended for people who prefer to visit Acapulco to stay on the resort’s property to remain safe


Baghdad, Iraq

If you are a Middle East lover it is better to avoid visiting Baghdad definitely. Violent events, gunfire, and bombings are the most common things in Iraq, especially after the U.S troops departure. Baghdad was once a charming city full of historical monuments and cultural diversity, but now it is on the do not travel list for Americans due to political and social instability.

It is considered as a war zone city that is not going to be secure anytime soon, full of terrorism outbreaks and unexpected violent acts. So without a definitely good reason, Baghdad is no longer a place that people should visit.


  1. Guess you just need to stay away from countries controlled by non whites.

    • Glenn, you are such a bigot. You know white men go to the black men’s countries to steal their goods and destabilize them.

    • your comment is very racist.

    • You know Glen???…I Like ya……

    • You are a bigot! I hope that you learn what it is like to be thought of and treated as not white enough! Cracker. Oh and don’t get it twisted I am sorry white but people like you sicken me!

      • I’m white is what I meant

  2. I don’t know if you’re being flippant, or serious. But I do know that your statement is correct.

    • Bob I was being serious and looking at the counties it proves my point.

  3. After viewing all of the Cities, Im not surprised to say that ” of course, its everywhere that the Whiteman has been and stired up chaos…No shock here!!!

  4. South/Central America & Middle East countries. Why am I not surprised? That’s why Europe and Far East Asia are my favorite vacation & cruise destinations.

    • Avatar Leon DiJusticia

      Europe is getting pretty dangerous nowadays. Unfortunately, desperate people will resort to desperate things and whatever problems they have (mentally, physically, etc.) they usually bring with them.

  5. I dont agree with this list specially #2 is 100% wrong, Karachi is very peaceful, beautiful city on the face of the earth. I know because I’m from Karachi.

    • When I could walk on the streets of Peshawar after dark,even then everyone said to stay away from Karachi.

    • Avatar Leon DiJusticia

      How long has it been since you were last in Karachi?

  6. Chicago isn’t on the list?

    • Thank You. It so sad that people are so racist. Also you miss out on having a variety of people in your life and learning from other cultures. I am going to Cambodia and Thailand next year and one of the things I am doing is learning French. Over half of Cambodia speaks French and about 40% of Thailand. I am also purchasing clothes that are acceptable for those countries. Well we are very open here in America they are far more modest. When in Rome …. That is how you visit someone else’s country as a white lady with serious consideration for those around me.

    • It should be and what about NY?

  7. They should list China. Stay away haha

  8. Deadliest Country is America that’s our Hell on earth that pretends to be a glorious country every country should wish for ….what leads that country ? Whites …whites have no harmony look what they did in kuweit ,Syria look what they did to gadaffi look what they invest on mostly ?WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRUCTION just to take wealth of other people interms of Commodities….


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