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Last Updated on March 2, 2021

Wanna know how to have fun on vacation? I have for you the coolest travel hacks that will turn a casual traveling vacation into the best trip of your life. And you know what the best part is? Following these travel hacks will turn all of your trips into the best ever!  Whether you are driving to a different town or flying to another country, you can always add a little fun to your adventure to truly enjoy every second and create the best memories. All you need is to be open to new things and be creative. No worries, we will help you out…

1. Use your imagination

Whether you are 16 or 60, vacations are the best time to let the child inside of you out. When you have an entire day for yourself, no work responsibilities or dishes to clean, you should let loose and start playing.   Here is a fun idea you can do: create a story that you can send to a friend by taking multiple pictures in different places. Your smartphone would be enough for this! Whenever you are in a new place, make up a story and start acting it up. For example, if you are taking a hike, you can pretend to fall from the edge (but be careful). 

2. Learn new things about yourself

It’s a known fact that we constantly change as we grow, including our tastes. Not until a year ago since I realized that pickles are that good, yo! So during your trip, don’t hesitate to try new things and find out your new preferences.  Moreover, you can start journaling during your trip or recording videos to talk about the things that surprised you, made you happier, and your impression of the new culture. Traveling is the best way to learn things about yourself; this is why this a great travel hack. 

3. Don’t plan everything

Sometimes, the best trips are spontaneous ones. First, make sure you are safe, then let yourself go to explore the new place without the need to follow a guide. You might end up finding something completely new that will blow your mind. Once I took a different route, and I heard jazz music coming from a distance, so I followed it, and I ended up in the most gorgeous and unique area I’ve ever seen. At that moment, I felt a new kind of pleasure. 


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