Mistakes To Avoid When Checking A Bag

Last Updated on March 11, 2021

Now that the world is on pause, you are desperately wondering when travel will open up again so that you can go on a very very lonnnng vacation! Right? I can relate. I mean, the whole world can relate! This year hasn’t been easy on anyone. However, let’s try to be positive about it and take time to plan an unforgettable vacation that will linger in our memories forever. Shall we?? But…before you get excited, let me share with you the 5 most common mistakes that most travelers do when packing and checking a bag. By being aware of these packing mistakes, you will have a stress-free travel experience, and you’ll have the most out of your long-awaited vacation! So? Are you in? Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when checking a bag!

1. Never Ever Pack Your Valuables In Your Checked Bag

Do you really think that you won’t lose your valuables if you check them in your bag? Well, you really gotta think again! Here are some shocking facts: CNN reported that among the items that were stolen and damaged are $5,000 gold rings, iPads, watch, and cameras. A rule to remember: never ever pack your valuables in your checked bag. Otherwise, you’ll learn the lesson the hard way! Hence, make sure to remove your smartphones, laptops, medication, and perhaps the most pricey souvenirs before you reach the gate for checking! This is actually one of the most common mistakes to avoid when checking a bag. And to stay safe, you’d better get insurance on the package and a tracking number so you are covered in case anything thing happened! Good luck!

2. Avoid Packing Items On The TSA’s Prohibited List

This is again among the mistakes to avoid when checking a bag! Being aware of the TSA packing rules can save you many headaches. For instance, we all know that fireworks and all other flammable items are prohibited, but how about certain types of batteries? Well, Lithium batteries, for example, should be packed in your carry-on. As for the wet-spillable batteries are just a big no unless they are part of an electric wheelchair.


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