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Last Updated on March 10, 2021

Are you planning to visit a big city soon? It’s exciting and overwhelming because bigger cities always go beyond our expectations with their diversity, coolness, and differences.  However, visiting a new “big” place can be scary, especially if it was overseas. Whether you do live in a big city or not, going anywhere with half the country’s population can be a bit dangerous. Sure, you will have so much fun and will probably meet so many interesting people, but it’s a must to guarantee your safety. So, while you explore a new big city, here are a few steps you have to follow to be (and feel) safer.

1. Avoid the No-Go zones! 

It’s a must to do a lot of research to determine if there are any no-go zones that must be avoided, and you know, avoid them! It’s the best way to prevent yourself from booking a hotel or Airbnb that is located near a dangerous area. You don’t want to miss having walks late at night around the hotel you are staying, or be stupidly scared when you hear someone walking next to your hotel room. I mean, have you read about the Cecil Hotel

2. Always figure out ways to get to places

The only time you have to fumble with maps is BEFORE arriving in the big city because once you are there, you need to figure out how to go to places and not count on anyone. Dangerous people can easily take advantage of your confusion and of the fact that you are a stranger.  Figure out the public transportation and how you will be going from one place to another. If you are lucky, you could find a helpful local who is looking for your best interest. But don’ wait to get lucky, figure it out while you are still at home. 

3. Be extra careful when you arrive

You are most vulnerable when you just arrive in the big city. You will be overwhelmed with excitement, amazement, and jetlag probably. To thieves and scammers, you are the perfect target. 


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