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Last Updated on March 10, 2021

Once you leave the airport, you have to be extra careful and always remind yourself to keep an eye on your surroundings and possessions. There is still enough time to enjoy the city when you are rested and without luggage.

4. Apply the five-second rule

No, we are not talking about dropping food into the ground. There is a different rule: It takes five seconds to figure out whether you can trust someone or not. So, if you don’t feel comfortable towards someone, it’s best to stir clear from them.  Simply, excuse yourself from the conversation, or you can refuse their help kindly. Remember that you are better off alone than with someone who has bad intentions.

5. Do you really need jewelry? 

If you tend to go on business trips often or just really like wearing jewelry, you need to be extra careful. Being a tourist in a big city automatically means you are prey to many thieves and scammers, and displaying your jewelry will not be in your favor.  So if you really,  really don’t need to wear your jewelry, then it’s best to leave them home.

6. Not traveling alone? Have a backup plan

If you are exploring this big city with family or friends, then it’s important to have a backup plan because there is a high chance you will be separated.  Every morning, work out an easy-to-follow plan and make sure everyone has their phones fully charged. It is also wise to figure out a second plan because phones can go missing, stolen, or dead. Pick a place where you can meet or a strategy to find each other.

7. Go easy on the drinks

You are in a new, big city now, you are allowed to go a little wild and have fun at night (during the day, too. Why not?). But if you are traveling alone or with kids, it’s best to go easy. It never means not have a good time, though. It just means to be a little more careful to not lose track of yourself. 


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