10 Of The Most Dangerous Things Flight Passengers Can Do On Board


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Flying is definitely not the favorite part of your travel journey, especially if you are taking a long flight! It is undeniably boring, exhausting, and above all really stressful!

However, what most people may never think is that flying can be also dangerous. It’s true that the real threats to everybody’s safety arise only rarely, but this doesn’t mean that the danger is not there!

Unfortunately, there are things that we all somehow do from time to time that arise our chances to be in dangerous and risky situations.

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Eating Food That’s Has Touched The Tray Table

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What most of the flight passengers might ignore is that tray tables are one of the dirtiest and germiest spots on an airplane. This means that they are teeming with harmful bacteria such as E Coli, that can put your health and well being at risk.

Eventually, you will end up sick and your long awaited vacation will be ruined and screwed. Unfortunately, people do all kind of things on those tray tables! Some parents may even use those tray tables to change their babies’ diaper. Plus, tray tables are not regularly cleaned as the flight crew can rarely have the time to do so!

Now, you can imagine how much harm you can cause yourself by eating food that touched those tray tables. Instead, always make sure to carry with you some antibacterial wipes that you can use to scrub the tray table.


Sitting Still During The Entire Flight

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Staying still from the very moment when the flight took off to the moment of landing is definitely not a wise idea! By doing so, you will put yourself in a great danger and may even develop blood clots!

In fact, the low air pressure in the cabin can cause your blood circulation to slow, which will in return higher your chances of developing blood clots that can easily travel to your lungs, brain, and heart. That’s not everything, you may even experience other complicated health issues!

Hence, to keep yourself safe and protected, we recommend that you move as often as you can. In case, you are too lazy, then, try to change your sitting position and keep moving your legs throughout the flight! This should help you remain safe and sound!

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Choosing A Window Seat For A Long Flight

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Many flight passengers would love to pick a window seat in order to enjoy the view while they are on board. Sitting in such a place can help them prevent the boredom and kill time.

However, what they may possibly ignore is that the lovely view can cost them their health and well being! Oh, yes, don’t be too much surprised but according to Men’s Health, passengers who pick a window seat for a long flight that will last more than six hours are in great danger!

They are more likely to develop venous thromboses and blood clots. The reason why the health of these people is in danger is that they are less likely to move around and more likely to stay still for hours.

In case, you prefer the view, make sure to get up and move around every 1 or 2 hours to prevent your blood circulation from slowing down, and eventually help more blood to flow and reduce the dangerous health risks.


Not Puting Your Phone On ‘’Airplane Mode’’

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Some flight passengers either forget or ‘’forget’’ to put their smartphones on ‘’Airplane mode’’. Normally, the flight crew would always remind you to put your phone on airplane mode, but some people would very simply refuse to listen.

However, it is important to understand why passengers are asked to follow such instructions while on the plane in order to avoid doing such dangerous mistakes in their future air travel.

When you actually choose not to switch off your data, your smartphone will try to look for a signal and can eventually congest networks on the ground and basically interfere with the equipment used on the plane by the pilot.

It’s true that your phone won’t cause the flight to fall down but it will certainly make things harder for the pilot!

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Not Staying Well Hydrated

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Not drinking enough water while on board the plane can cause you debilitating health issues such as blood clots. In fact, many passengers would choose to drink less water in order to avoid taking trips to the plane’s cramped bathroom.

However, by doing this, they are only making the situation worse and raising their chances of developing potentially dangerous blood clots.

In fact, the dry air in the cabin is highly responsible for such health issues! that’s why you should drink at least a pint of water while you are on board. AT the same time, try your hardest to avoid drinking alcohol, tea, or coffee as these drinks can promote your dehydration.


Taking Sleeping Pills

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If you are one of those passengers who take sleeping pills on a plane, then, you really need to stop doing this!

it’s true that it is really tempting to take a nap and get some shuteye through all the noise and discomfort of a very long and exhausting flight, but by doing this you will be less likely to move and drink water, which is really dangerous for your health!

The sleeping pills will make you sleep so heavily! This way, you will not move as often as you should and you won’t even change your sitting positions. That’s in addition to not drinking enough water, which will lead to your dehydration.

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Avoiding bathroom until you land

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When nature calls, you just need to respond! Why should you hold it and regret it later on! Let’s face it, everyone hates the airplane bathroom not just you. So, it is totally not for your own benefit to holding your urine until you land. This will only lead to a bladder infection and ruin your day.

So whether you are just starting your vacation or very simply trying to adjust to your normal life after an amazing and unforgettable trip, try to make wise choices that you won’t regret later on!


Overstuffing the overhead bin

overstuffing-the-overhead-bin© VICE News

We can fully understand that some airlines might even charge you for the use of the overhead bin, but this doesn’t mean you have to overstuff it with your belongings that might tumble out on your head or someone’s else head and cause potential harm or injury.

Always try to keep your possessions contained and opt for travel bags that can zip securely.

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ordering coffee or tea

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Apart from promoting dehydration, the cup of tea or coffee you actually order in a plane might come with harmful and potentially dangerous bacteria.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that both of these beverages are made with tap water. The latter often gets contaminated with different bacteria including coliform, which comes from feces.

The easy solution to escape the damage that these bacteria can cause you is to opt for bottled water and avoid adding ice cubes in beverages made from the plane’s tap water.

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Neglecting to buckle your kid into a seat

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Your child’s safety must be your priority, especially if they are flying with you. In fact, according to Condé Nast Traveler, children who sit on their parents lap instead of their own seats are more and most vulnerable to turbulence-related injuries.

That’s not everything! there is always a risk for your child to fly out of your arms at the moment of unexpected violent motion. Hence, the best thing you can do to protect your beloved child is by strapping them into an airline –approved car seat or even better bring his own on board!


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