Forget about Wearing These 6 Things on an Airplane


Your flight tickets don’t exactly state what to wear on an airplane. Airlines, moreover, don’t see themselves responsible for telling their travelers about the best travel clothes.

They want you to take their planes, and that’s that! You set off for your destination having prepared yourself for everything. But, more often than not, you forget to dress appropriately.

You forget that there are certain things that you shouldn’t wear on an airplane, that there are so-called airplane clothes that you should consider wearing instead of anything else, especially when it comes to international travel (You know, longer flights!). We’ve written this article to help your memory.

We have made for you a sort of travel guide concerning the things you should not wear during air travel. They are exactly 6, so read on to learn about them all. Also, make sure to bookmark this page for easy access next time you’re planning to go on a plane.


#1 – Don’t Wear Tight Socks

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If your socks fit very tightly around your feet, then blood circulation could get cut off from the blood vessels. This could lead to the forming of clots in one or both your feet. To test if any of your socks aren’t exactly plane socks, wear them and see if they leave marks or not.

If they do, then don’t wear them while you’re air traveling. You want to rest after a long flight, not go to the emergency room to treat the clots that have formed down at your feet.

There are, however, some socks that actually increase the blood flow going through your feet. These are compression socks, and they are the only exception. So consider wearing them instead.

#2 – Don’t Wear Jumpsuits


Ladies, Jumpsuits are very fashionable these days, but they are not the best travel clothes for women—for practical reasons! Imagine having to go to the bathroom, that tight place we all find ourselves needing, but dreading, to go to.

There isn’t room to do much, let alone taking off a whole jumpsuit to answer the call of Mother Nature. Also, you’ll be delaying other people from answering their calls (Mother Nature calls everyone ;)).

Therefore, avoid any embarrassment and save that jumpsuit till after you reach your destination and check-in into your hotel. You’ll enjoy wearing it more. Trust us!

#3 – Don’t Wear High heels


Just how, oh how, is one to walk inside an airplane wearing high heels?! The isles inside the plane are small and the ground isn’t really high heel friendly. You want to have your feet comfortable at all times during your flight.

Therefore, you should avoid high heels, because they will make them swell. More importantly, if an emergency arises, God forbid, high heels won’t help you run to safety as they will only hinder your movement and cause you to lose time trying to remove them.

Wear flat shoes instead, they’re a lot more practical and comfortable, and keep away from those nice looking high heels—at least, until you get off the plane.

#4 – Don’t Wear Skimpy Outfits


A Skimpy outfit is not the best airplane outfit, so it should not be worn for such an occasion. It has nothing to do with the general taste or avoid getting someone offended. It has to do with staying warm, a priority during any flight.

Planes tend to get cold sometimes, and skimpy clothes don’t necessarily do a wonderful job in guarding your body against the low temperature of the cabin. So, make sure to keep this in mind for your next flight.

Wear some warm clothes, instead. However, if you just can’t go without your skimpy clothes, then take something with you extra to keep you warm in case the plane gets cold.

#5 – Don’t Wear Contact Lenses


Glasses don’t sit well over the eyes of some people. Instead of making them look good, they bring out some not very flattering things about them, especially if the glasses have thick glass. These people opt for wearing contact lenses, which make them look great—that is, they help them showcase the beauty in their eyes.

However, contact lenses aren’t really comfortable to wear during a flight. The pressure inside the cabin and the dry air make wearing contact lenses very uncomfortable.

Therefore, as soon as you board the plane, maybe earlier, remove your contact lenses and wear your glasses instead. The flight will be over soon and you’ll be back to rocking those contact lenses.

#6 – Don’t Wear Strong Perfume


Some perfume is great; a lot of perfume is not so great! The high pressure of airplanes and the absence of airflow inside the cabin make olfactory receptors of many people come face to face with the strong scent of your perfume.

This might not sit well with everyone. Some will become annoyed from having to smell the perfume for the whole flight; others, however—and this is more serious—might exhibit an allergic reaction toward a specific perfume, causing them to have trouble breathing. Therefore, please stick to wearing a normal deodorant and save that expensive perfume for your night out once you reach your destination.

Air travel is, first and foremost, about staying comfortable. Don’t be the instigator of your own discomfort! More importantly, you should never be the instigator of other people’s discomfort. Therefore, keep these things in mind for your next flight.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below about a time when you felt so cold inside the plane and what you did to stay cold.

John W. Roper
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