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But pay heed to the safety of your destination. There are places declared as pretty dangerous spots, especially when sharks are involved. Here is a compiled list of 10 places with beaches and shores home to all sorts of sharks. If you are planning to be back home one piece, you got to avoid such places.


#1 – Horry County, South Carolina

1-horry-county-south-carolina©Myrtle Beach Area CVB Partner Connect

Have you ever seen gummy shark directly? If you did, you probably could not sleep for days or you were back with a missing part, right? Well, that is what could happen in case you thought of going to Horry County’s beach in South Carolina.

It is fascinating when you start to brainstorm pretty amazing honeymoon beach ideas, but applying them in Carolina is almost impossible. The north part of the state recorded a number of shark attacks.

But in comparison with South Carolina, the rate is fortunately low. Horry County is the ruling throne of the sharks’ kingdom in the southern part of the state. In the county exists one of the most gorgeous American beaches which is Myrtle Beach.

It is a paradise where one could enjoy swims in really nice south beach swimsuits under the sun. Since 1837, about 29 shark attacks were reported based on the data of the International Shark Attack File.

#2 – St.Lucie County, Florida

2-st-lucie-county-florida©Florida Criminal Defense, Family Law and DUI Lawyer

St. Lucie sounds like a very nice destination, but you are about to discover that it’s not unless you want to end up in a shark’s scary mouth. In the U.S and according to statistics and specialized reports, the state of Florida is the most known state for the serious recorded shark attacks.

Since St.Lucie county is a part of the state, it is also entitled to the same reputation. There were 30 cases of attacks which were recorded, but fortunately and luckily, the attacks were not fatal.

But you may not be that lucky and turn instead into a yummy dinner for the hungry sharks. Recently, several shark sightings pushed the county to close the beach and ban the access to it.

#3 – Charleston County, South Carolina

3-charleston-county-south-carolina©Visit Historic Charleston

Another county in addition to Horry in South Carolina is also known for the widespread of sharks on its shores. The county in question is Charleston.

It is too bad because you could have enjoyed a nice swim on the sandy beach and join a group of wanderers to tour the oldest county in the whole state. Then spend your night in one of luxury vacation rentals after an exquisite meal in one of its distinguished restaurants.

This sounds pretty fun, but with sharks around the beach, it is really discomforting. Regardless of its shark-attack-reputation, the country still receives multiple tourists.

According to the International Shark Attack File, this coastal destination witnessed 30 shark attacks, among which two were fatal. Well, that is much scary.

#4 – Martin County, Florida

4-martin-county-florida©Travel Media Press Room

Martin County is a natural marvelous destination. It is the right place for which you will have to throw your phone in the sea along with any means of distraction whatsoever.

The beautiful weather would seduce you to jump into the sea, swim to its depths, and rise to see the sun up in the sky. It is the kind of place where you would be enjoying laying down on the sand while wearing your modlily swimwear and your Gucci sunglasses.

But all this joy can turn into a tragedy in no time if you decide to transgress the swimming red lines. About 34 shark attacks were reported in the county, making it one of the places with the highest attack percentage in Florida.

Back in 2010, things got really messy, as a 28-year-old guy was attacked by sharks. The poor man was just kite surfing 500 yards away from the beach.

#5 – St.Johns County, Florida

5-st-johns-county-florida©SkyRun Destin 30A Florida

St.Johns County is located right in the northeast of Florida. It is the perfect spot for an unforgettable summer holiday and travel. It is the place which includes a wide range of sand-shining beaches such as Point Vedra, Crescent, and St.Augustine.

As stated above, Florida, where the county is located, is among the favorite harbors of sharks. The International Shark Attack File reveals that the county chronicled 35 attacks.

The fortunate thing is that none of the cases included any fatalities. So be careful! Even if you consider going to Florida, try to remain distant from beaches where the shark danger is pretty serious.

#6 – Oahu, Hawaii


Have you ever been to Hawaii or Oahu more precisely? The natural landscape of the place is mesmerizing. Most visitors go for the famous scenic helicopter flight experience, which enables you to see the wonderful waterfalls, Waikiki, craters and gild beaches.

The aero-tour will simply blow your mind. Moreover, hotel search sites will help you find a place where you can stay. In fact, the creepy thing that many tour companies take people to experience swimming with sharks.

The latter are not in cages and are set free. The last 20 years since having such activity performed, no accidents were reported. However, the island recorded 25 shark attacks, among which five were fatal. So it is not safe to risk swimming with those sharks no matter what you are told.

#7 – Maui, Hawaii


The Maui is one of the two Hawaiin islands, which includes an abundance of tourist areas such as Hana Highway, Lao Village, and Haleakala. Most of these places involve splendid ranges of mountains, beaches, and waterfalls.

Maui is the precious pearl of Hawaii which drags any nature lover to her side. If you are to visit this island, you surely will not regret it nor will you feel bored, while you are there. The island is famous for its snorkeling and swimming activities.

The bad news is that the island witnessed on its own right 55 shark attacks based on the report of the International Shark Attack File. The 2015-April attack is not included in the figure. The island recorded other fatal attacks in its waters.

#8 – Palm Beach County, Florida


Traveling to Florida sounds tempting for a second, but then you will have to wake up from the dream. Another county famous for recursive shark attacks is Palm Beach County. It is, however, the proper spot for all sorts of water activities, including tours and excursions.

The jet skis, the paddle boards, the sailing cruises, and other adventurous things ring a bell in your head, right? It is simply a naturally flawless place. However, shark attacks drive many visitors away from its beaches. It recorded 67 shark attacks precisely which did not include any fatalities according to the info by the ISAF.

#9 – Brevard County, Florida


If you go on a 45-minute-ride from east Orlando, you can reach another earthly paradise in Florida which is Brevard County. The coastal county includes a number of beaches like Coco and Satellite, that are regarded as excellent touristy destinations in the whole county.

In summer, in particular, the county receives plenty of tourists plus its own population. Despite the warnings that the beaches and waters are dangerous to approach because of sharks, nobody listens. The result of this is 122 shark attacks, one of which is the 1934-fatal attack.

#10 – Volusia County, Florida


Volusia County is known for its New Smyrna Beach, where many shark attacks occur. The county is situated geographically on Florida’s East Coast.

The beach in question witnessed about 238 attacks on its own right, whereas the county as a whole recorded 267 attacks. These are the official numbers and figures of the International Shark Attack File.

The surprising fact is that the total of the 267 did not include any fatalities. According to experts, this might be due to the fact that the area is conquered mainly by young bull sharks. These creatures do not leave any fatal injuries.

Have you made your mind about taking the risk of going to one of the abovementioned destinations? Well, you never know what could happen exactly. You might find independent hotel booking sites with interesting offers and decide to go for it.

Then pack to one of these destinations. Honestly, they are gorgeous counties to visit but try to stay away from the beaches. Take with you an adventure gear in case you want to go camping with your friends.

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