10 Dangerous Schools In The Us You Need To Avoid


Last Updated on January 4, 2021

They say that education is the only stairs you can take to success. It is a powerful weapon that people can use to change the world and schools are just those sacred places on earth where they teach you how to use that weapon properly in order to have a better life and a better future.

However, these schools in the United States are the most dangerous and you should definitely not send your kids there! In the time of war, many changes had to occur in the world. People had to give up their own identity, homes, and wealth seeking peace and tranquility.

So, whether you are an American living in the united states, a refugee traveling to American, or just an immigrant a better life you are hoping to afford for your kids is definitely not for these schools to provide!

Your first priority is your kids’ safety, right? So before you start thinking about spending too much money to send your kid to receive a proper education, make sure it ’s worth it!

Sometimes, parents do take the trouble to afford all the expenses needed so that their kids grow up to be successful people in society but in Homer High School this dream might seem far from becoming a reality, especially that your kid’s life will always be in danger.

What makes this school dangerous is the fact that parents come with guns and make a large trouble on campus.

Lodge Grass Elementary School (LODGE GRASS, MT)

If you are a new resident in the area or a refugee who has taken a long hours flight looking for some quality education and peace of mind. This school is definitely not the right one for your kids to start a life.

It is dangerous and the reason lies in the fact that many shootings relatively happen near the school that’s in addition to the increasing number of violence. Therefore, it is definitely not a safe place for students.

Northwestern High School (Baltimore, MD)

Not only the school that is dangerous but the whole city needs extra more effort to fight the higher crime rates that reach 1,417 per 100,000 residents. That’s in addition to the fact that the school’s location is not safe at all.

Strawberry Mansion High School (Philadelphia, PA)

Not so much different from the other schools on this list, this school is also dangerous. Sending your kids to Strawberry Mansion High School is destroying their future with your own hands. Be sure, that they won’t grow up to be the successful persons whom you’d be proud of but criminals and gangsters.

Here the danger lies not in the area or the school itself but the student who always carry weapons such as knives, blades and much more. So, don’t be surprised to see police officials searching them every single morning before they start their courses.

Marion-Sterling Elementary School (Cleveland, OH)

This school is known to report many troubles all year around. It was even once reported that 3rd graders used a BB gun and later on even proceeded to bring a loaded pistol to the school. The latter incident shows how unsafe and dangerous it is the school as a place to receive a proper education.

University of California (Santa Barbara, CA)

This university offers all kind of violence and crimes. It is a total chaos where only troubles take place. The university had reported over 100 burglaries and assaults in a period of 12 months. Can you really imagine how crazy this could be? Of course, it’s not somewhere you want to send your little ones.

Harper High School (Chicago, IL)

This school is even worst! Gan violence, shooting, and killings. If you are living in Chicago, you’d rather stay away from this school at all costs. The life and future of your kids mean the world to you and this I have no doubt about that’s why it’s important to make sure you put them in the right places where they thrive and not die.

University of Texas (Austin, TX)

If I were in your shoes, I would rather send my kids abroad, pay extra expenses such as flight tickets, accommodation, and all the other travel expenses if this could help my kids receive all the safety they need, a proper education, and a better future.

Don’t think twice, This school is to be avoided. Very recently, young girls were raped, strangled, and dumped in a creek. How awful is that!

St. John’s Military School (Salina, KS)

This school is so much like the previous one. It constantly and continuously reports different types of abuses, including sexual assaults and many other crimes. So, it is definitely not the safest option for your kids.

Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)

Finally, the biggest shock you might ever have! Oh, yes, you read it correctly! Harvard University is considered to be one of the most dangerous Universities in the United States. Curious to know the reason why?

Well, this Ivy-league has a crime rating that’s even worse than that of the national average with respect to those crimes related to violence and property!


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