12 Travel Mistakes You Should Never Make!


Last Updated on March 13, 2020

5. Taking medications that make you sleepy

Air travel can be tricky, and there will be times where your flight will be delayed – this can extend from a couple of minutes to a few hours. And then you are not feeling so great and you take an Ambien – next thing you know is that you are asleep in the lounge, and you are sleeping so soundly you miss the boarding announcement, and, as a consequence, you miss your flight.

6. Getting on the wrong train

This can happen in different ways – you can mistake the boarding date, catch the train going in the wrong direction, or be on the wrong platform. But the worst thing about this is not the fact that you got into the wrong train – the worst part is finding out about it when it’s already too late, meaning that even if you come back you will still miss the train you were supposed to be in.

7. Not double-checking your flight time

Sometimes airlines can change the schedule of your flight, and by mistake, there is a small chance you won’t get a warning on that. Just to be safe, be sure to double-check the flight time ALWAYS, by using the airline app or the website, for example. If this happens to you though, the airline has to get you into another flight since the mistake was their responsibility and not yours.

8. Trying to go somewhere without directions

Some people like to use public transportation while on vacation, while other people prefer to rent a car and drive around. But not having the directions ready can be a risk, since you can end up driving around aimlessly for hours on end. And imagine doing this after booking a hotel room for a busy day, like the 4th of July – there is a chance that by the time you get to the hotel the staff has given away your hotel room.


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