15 Shocking Photos That Will Make You Believe In Time Travel!



There is this ancient theory that the woman seen holding a black box to her ear and probably talking into it in Charlie Chaplin’s movie The Circus is a time traveler – all because the device resembles a phone.

And even though it was probably just a hearing device, people keep wondering if time travel exists and putting together some compelling time travel stories. So, is time travel possible? Well, maybe. There seems to be plenty of photos that prove time travel is a real thing.

The more skeptic people will just say that the people in these photos are just some doppelgangers lost in time. Either way, it’s always fun to take a look at these pictures and notice the uncanny resemblances between two people that lived in such distant eras.

If anything, this can always be an article on how to travel back in time with your mind. So we hope you enjoy these time travel pictures.

#1 – Is this some old-timey version of Barack Obama in a top hat or is it the former president himself?


#2 – And it looks like time-traveling Obama also enjoyed spending time as a woman. You can barely tell them apart.


#3 – And isn’t Channing Tatum a cute World War II soldier? Just look at that hat!


#4 – And do you know Nicolae Grigorescu? He was a Romanian painter that took the credit for inventing the philosopher’s stone. Well, he is now much more famous, since he time traveled and changed his name to Orlando Bloom (allegedly)


#5 – Caligula was the inspiration behind the character Joffrey Baratheon… That or he time traveled in character to pose for a sculpture.


#6 – What do you think of Moustache McConaughey?


#7 – Johnny Depp is one of those everlasting undeniable beauties that can look good with any type of glasses and that is here in two versions to prove our time travel theory.


#8 – These pointy shirts are a perfect fit for this disco-haired version of the Harry Potter star and the beloved comedian Andy Samberg


#9 – And oops… Radcliffe clearly has too much free time and went back in time to also dress up as a little girl. Who can blame him? Time-traveling seems like fun.


#10 – If Stalin wasn’t so busy being… well, Stalin, he could easily travel in time and work as double for Zayn Malik


#11 – What about this really serious version of Justin Timberlake? He sure looks like he wouldn’t “smack that”


#12 – Rose Wilder Lane dropped the weird hats and came to the future to live her best life as Maggie Gyllenhaal


#13 – Imagine if this adorable lady had time traveled – we could have had a TV series called Mrs. Robot instead


#14 – If Maisie Williams were to tame that hair and dress in 1500’s clothing she would definitively be the lady on the left


#15 – We think Ben Affleck could keep the hat. What is your opinion?


Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever found a picture that made you think “does time travel exist?” If so, please share your time travel stories with us and make your time travel archives public.

John W. Roper
John W. Roper is an experienced photographer, traveler, and writer with an immense desire to bring the fun and expertise to you from all the places he visits and travel troubles he experiences. John tells stories of adventures you'd like to have or that are totally worth having. He seeks to excite, educate, and above all, inspire you to “go out there and start living,” as he says.


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