Last Updated on December 10, 2020

4. Jewelry

All kinds of accessories can be forgotten in a hotel, as is the case with jewels. These objects, due to their small size, are even easier to get lost or forgotten in a hotel room. Often, they fall behind the nightstand, for example, and stay there. Many people keep their jewelry in the hotel room safe. However, when they are used for dinner or another activity, they are not put back in the same place. Later, when people leave, they only collect the items that are deposited in the hotel safe and forget to confirm that they were found in other places. This effectively leaves jewels, watches, and other accessories abandoned.

5. All Kinds of Medicines

People take a small pharmacy with them when they go on vacation. And they do well because they are prevented from any eventuality. It is advisable to take the most appropriate medications to combat headaches, toothache, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, among other medical problems. But, they end up forgetting about them in the bedroom drawers because they didn’t have to use them. The truth is, they are expensive and may be needed sooner or later. If you leave them behind, you will incur additional charges on your trip. Tips to Leave Nothing Behind: As you can see, there are many items and travel gear that are left behind and shouldn’t. To avoid this, take the following precautions: Take 5 minutes of your time before leaving the hotel room to check out all cabinets, drawers, and bathrooms in the room you booked. Remove pillows, sheets, and blankets from the bed to see if there are any items left behind. Always check under the bed and behind the cabinets to find any fallen objects. Check the wet towels and make sure there is no underwear next to them, for example. Check all the electrical outlets in your room and make sure there is no charger plugged there. What Do Hotels Do When They Find Abandoned Items? What do hotels do with forgotten items? Whenever forgotten items are found in hotel rooms (such as the items mentioned above), there are specific hotel procedures to be followed.


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