The 6 Dirtiest Things You Shouldn’t Touch On A Plane!


Last Updated on March 6, 2020

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Thanks to the emergence of low-cost airlines and their large offer of cheap flights, air travel is no longer exclusive to the upper-middle class and above. In Europe, for example, you can find international flight tickets for as cheap as 10€. That’s right.

Sometimes, you can go from Lisbon to Paris for about 9,99€. That is less than 11$. It might sound ridiculous, but companies such as Ryanair or Easyjet often make incredible promotions, especially during the low season months. That is partly why today there are millions of air passengers every day and the same planes fly multiple times.

Plane travel can either be an ordinary, exciting, or terrifying experience. It all depends on the personality of the traveler and the frequency with which he or she uses this means of transportation.

But as new studies about hygiene in commercial aircraft come out, one thing becomes clear: everyone should be careful when boarding a plane. Even if you are not a germaphobe, after reading this article you will certainly want to board a plane with a hand sanitizer or antimicrobial wipes in your carry-on luggage.

These are the spots you shouldn’t touch on a plane!

By reviewing the evidence gathered by various analysis we can conclude that plane tray tables are the dirtiest spots inside a plane cabin by a good margin. A 2007 study found that four out of six tray tables contained MRSA and nano viruses.

More recently, Travelmath’s research found 2,155 colony-forming-units of bacteria per square inch. That really is a lot. But what is the reason behind such high numbers?

Well, plane tray tables are made from a textured and porous plastic to prevent your food and beverages from falling. Bacteria love plastic and that specific type of plastic allows them to grow even more. Not to mention that most airlines only wash them about once per day.

To make matters worse, the food crumbs and drops of soda that fall on the tray tables make it an even more appetizing place for bacteria. Next time you are on a plane don’t put your chips or peanuts directly on the table.


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