Last Updated on March 13, 2021

Even though we mostly prepare for our trips after the plane lands, it’s very important to try to make our flights as pleasant as possible. Depending on how much time you’ll spend on the plane, having a bad flight experience might turn your whole vacation experience upside down. This is why you should always think ahead about your flight by also taking into consideration the flight time, weather, seats and so on. That way, you’ll be able to make your flight experience go nicely and smoothly.

1. Comfortable clothes

No surprise here. Unless you’re traveling first class, the seats can be quite uncomfortable, especially in cheap flights. After All, if you pay less, you should expect less. Which means that you should make every effort to be comfortable. Some comfortable clothes to wear on a plane are cotton clothes like a normal t-shirt, and maybe throw a cardigan sweater on top of it. The key to planes is layering. Even during the summer, planes have air conditioning, which means, as long as you wear breathable clothes you’ll be comfortable and save some extra space in your bag for souvenirs that you might bring. Tips on clothes you should never wear on a plane: avoid tight, heavy material, uncomfortable clothes. Keep those leather pants or tight dresses saved for a night out! Think of plane clothes as comfortable clothes that are stylish enough to go out in but also cozy enough for sleeping on the plane!

3. Neck pillow

This is a travel accessory you do not want to leave your house without! If you have a 3-hour flight or more you should always bring your neck pillow with you. Even if you don’t plan on sleeping during the flight, trust me, you might eventually want to. Being on a plane gets boring after a while. And not all planes have tv screens in the seat in front of you. So, the best thing that you can possibly do to pass the time is to sleep. When you fall asleep you’re not aware of the time. Isn’t it wonderful falling asleep and waking up after 4 hours when you’ve already arrived at your destination?


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