7 Common Behaviors That Might Embarrass You Abroad


Last Updated on February 28, 2020

6. Honking in Norway and New Zealand

In many countries, people honk because of anything and everything: to greet an acquaintance, to signal danger, show appreciation, or to complain about another driver. But these “social” rules are completely different in other countries such as Norway and New Zealand.

In Norway, the car horn is exclusively used in emergency situations. So, if you ever visit this country and rent a car to explore the surroundings, use the horn solely during an emergency. Otherwise, you will scare other drivers. They will get out of your way thinking you urgently need to get somewhere such as a hospital.

In New Zealand, using the horn is considered extremely rude. The only legitimate way to use the horn is to thank another driver for their behavior. In that case, you should do a quick and light honk.

7. Eating everything on your plate in China

It is fascinating how unique Asian culture is. And no, we don’t need to mention any “weird” law in China to prove this point. Instead, let’s have a look at a simple social practice.

If a guest eats everything on their plate without even leaving a single crumb of rice, the Chinese host will be solemnly annoyed. That’s because he or she will think the guest is leaving a clear message that they haven’t provided him enough food.

Furthermore, burping audibly is perceived as a compliment to the quality of the food and a sign of satisfaction with the quantity provided. It is amazing how one behavior can have completely opposite meanings.


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