A Glimpse ON The 15 MUST-Avoid Things While Traveling



You can explore the past by reading books, but you can discover the present by traveling. It is as simple as this. Renew your soul by kicking off your journey to see the world through your eyes.

Start now and look for the cheap business class fares, luxury vacation rentals, and active vacation packages. Once you make up your mind about traveling, you will start receiving tips on what to do and what not to.

Some of these dos and don’ts may be related to you in person, others to the culture and people you may meet on your journey. Any mistake you may commit, unintentionally, may affect your overall traveling experience.

Remember that you are there to enjoy and discover the most you can with the least costs possible and without harming anybody. Keep reading to know the top 15 things you have to avoid to fully engage in and enjoy your trip.


#1 – Avoid Dining Near An Integral Tourist Spot


Once you identify your destination and finish your flight reservation, you will automatically start searching for hotels on hotel search sites or independent hotel booking sites.

This goes along with planning carefully for your trip, including where to eat. The best advice you could ever get from travelers is never eating near known tourist spots. They are not the only places which provide delicious local cuisine dishes.

Restaurants in such places serve very overpriced foods. You can get real food from somewhere else, which can be surprisingly cheap. You can also hold on with a lemon water bottle until you get to your hotel.

#2 – Avoid Booking Your Vacation Too Early


Many people think that if they start digging for flight and hotel deals and super cheap plane tickets on the best online travel booking sites early, they will be saving more money. But that is not always true. Be prudent and take your time to plan for your travel.

Do not rush immediately to buy an air ticket. Wait and cease the best deals which come at a later stage. Your flight reservation must be carried out 3 or 4 months prior to your journey.

The last minute’s deals are also interesting and very exciting. For instance, the best travel agency for honeymoon packages can be released in the last minute, so be always ready.

#3 – Watching Your Body Language


Your body language may say things which are the gist of what you meant. A single body gesture might provoke an issue, that you sure do not need, during your travel journey. You may not even realize that you did it because it is a simple habit for you.

There are certain signs which you are not supposed to use in several countries. It is a question of culture and history. In Turkey, for example, picking your teeth or blowing your nose in public spots is forbidden.

In Buddhist countries, they have very weird customs like banning you from touching someone’s head. As a traveler, you need to realize and understand these differences inspired by culture.

#4 – Hostel Should Also Be Part Of Your Accommodation Options


Visiting online room booking sites will certainly help you find the best places to stay. However, you can stay in a hostel. Despite the fact that people tend to describe hostels as unclean and unorganized, this is not 100% true.

On the contrary, they are very clean and equipped with everything you need in a room. They are also very affordable if you want to economize more money for an extra trip. While you are in one, you will likely feel home with all sorts of services offered. Pools, meals, gardens, big kitchens, and Wi-Fi Connection.

#5 – Avoid Wasting Your Time To Save Some Money


The city you might be visiting might include several historical sites and monumental places you really need to visit. Many people would rather go walking to save a few extra bucks. But is it really what happens? If you think it through, you will notice that this is wrong.

They think that they save money, but the time they spend walking is wasted. It is true that walking to your destination would enable you to enjoy the surrounding nature.

But still, if you are in your destination for 3 days or so, you cannot spend one whole day walking to and coming backing on foot from a certain tourist spot. You could invest these efforts to visit other places all at once.

#6 – Don’t Be Scared To Go Off The Track


When you travel, remember one essential thing which is to never limit your horizons. Your journey should not be restricted to locking yourself down in your hotel room or visiting crowded tourist spots alone.

Go discover other sites and places. Pack your lightweight suitcases or just take one new suitcase you bought from the city yourself and set about another trip to other parts of your destination. This is going to mark your trip in unexpected ways.

Go beyond the drawn lines on an adventure to do something else no one did before. Embrace the challenge of discovering new caves, hidden waterfalls, haunted towns or uninhabited sites. Just remember to take your adventure gear.

#7 – Don’t Confine The Travel Search To Famous Sites And Portals


Take a word of advice from backpackers world travel professionals which is about avoiding travel searching on popular sites. Such people spent years in touring the world, going to the most unexpected and unknown places ever. The same holds true for online room booking sites.

If you want to be a smart player, keep an eye on famous travel portals and dig for other sites. The golden famous sites do not offer all the available deals. You could miss excellent offers, packages, hotel, and flight deals. Sign in several sites to get notifications regarding any new flight and hotel deals.

#8 – Avoid Sticking To Your Phone Throughout Your Whole Trip


Do you know what you should do while heading to the airport to take off to your destination? Put your phone in a plastic bag and throw it in the close garbage bin. What is traveling for anyway? It is a moment to be left to yourself.

Any means or source of distraction is not welcome at any rate. As you are on your trip, you are supposed to be enjoying your time by discovering a new culture, tasting new dishes, meeting new people and knowing yourself better.

Bear in mind that the work urgent phone calls are absolutely unacceptable on your vacation. Things like these can wait.

You can only pick family calls to share with them your day-living details and your spicy experience in a foreign place. You are recommended to use technology which can record your trips like a Nikon camera and a charger adapter.

#9 – Avoid Filming And Picturing People Without Their Permission

9-avoid-filming-and-picturing-people-without-their-permission©Clipping Path India

The rudest thing you can ever do is taking someone’s pics without his or her permission. Legally speaking, it is a violation of his or her rights. In fact, you might be liable to several charges if you keep doing this.

You might be from a country, where people tolerate having their pictures taken by strangers, but that is surely not the case somewhere else. Many travelers have received the red cards, still, they never learn.

It is cool to share photos on your Instagram page with locals in it, but did you ask for their permission? Never take anyone’s picture unless and until you get their approval on it.

#10 – Avoid Commuting By Cabs


Knowing that you are a tourist will drive many people in your destination to fool you. You may have no clue about the value of the local currency or how much a journey to a given place would cost.

If you are accompanied by a tourist guide, consider yourself safe and lucky to not having someone to exploit you. This happens very often with taxis in particular. Taxi drivers are professionals at detecting local and foreign faces.

They may overcharge you if they manage to spot your foreign origins. Not speaking the local language is one way to do that. Opt for public transportation like buses which requires less communication and the charges are fixed.

#11 – Avoid Letting Your Phone Roaming


Now if you are that stubborn and you set your mind on taking your phone, then at least turn off the data roaming. When you are abroad, you may need data to search for the simplest things, especially if you are an independent person.

You can get lost and try to find your way back to your hotel; you may want to grab a bite in a nice restaurant or simply watch movies while taking breaks from long distances walking.

You will likely forget about your data roaming then, but you will realize that when you receive the bills with extraordinary expenses. What you should do before all this happens is contacting your service provider to agree on an overseas plan and use your hotel’s available Wi-Fi.

#12 – Never Take Your Safety For Granted


In reality, flights with cancellation insurance are not the only thing to ponder upon. You need to consider your safety in a foreign country. It is enough to take a bling sting and convince yourself you are safe. Hell no! This is called taking things for granted.

You can get in trouble very easily, even in the situations and places you consider safe. Always be cautious in whatever you do and wherever you go. Do not ever go out at night alone even if you were told it is safe.

Stop asking people all the time about directions or looking lost because this gives the impression that you are a total stranger. It is better to walk in groups accompanied by a tour guide.

#13 – Avoid Exchanging Your Currency At The Airport


When it comes to money, all that you need to trust in is your gut and wallet, but never banks. As you arrive in your destination, the first thing you need is the local currency. You could need to pay the driver, who is taking you to your hotel or buy dinner before you take a long nap in your room.

Here is a tip from regular travelers: never ever resort to the currency exchange centers at the airport. They will hand you the worst exchange rates ever. You are advised to go to currency exchange markets or use your ATM or credit card.

#14 – Avoid Dressing Disrespectfully And Immodestly


Imagine yourself walking with a mini skirt and key-hole blouse in Saudi Arabia! Can you?? Probably not. In many Islamic countries in the Middle and South East Asia, the dressing laws are very strict and are in compliance with religious and cultural beliefs.

As a visitor and tourist, you will be met with a warm welcome, but you should in return, pay your respects to such communities. This respect involves dressing in a modest and respectful way.

Avoid short and revealing clothes. In some places, you might get in great trouble with the local authorities. Before taking off, learn a bit about the culture of your destination.

#15 – Travel Insurance Is A Must


Traveling is marked by adventure and discovery, but it is also beset with several hazards. You are going to a new and unknown place; you never know what can happen to you. You can get rubbed, injured or even lost.

Also, natural disasters have their own contributions to this. This is a force majeure which you can do nothing about. You could be put in a situation where you should pay extra costs. What will you do then?

These sudden happenings during your trip should be considered even before you leave home. The best solution you could be ever advised to follow is getting a set of insured protects to cover any expenses, popping out of the blue during your trip.

Bearing in mind these things will save you more money to enjoy a second trip with your family. It is a way to also smoothen up your journey and help make up new memories to remember for days to come.


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