Here Are 10 Places With High Cancer Rates Worldwide



Usually, when we think of a different country than ours; we think of how wonderful a travel experience would be to there. We immediately think of booking low-cost airline tickets, concluding our flight reservation, and finding the best flight and hotel deals.

But things are not always taken from this perspective. This time, we would not speak of any adventure travel experiences; we would rather focus on another tragic fact which is high cancer rates by country.

It is slightly hard to cite how many types of cancer are there now in the world or wrap them up in two or three bullet points. The cancer diagnosis tests are striking in some countries. On a daily basis, many patients are diagnosed with rare types of cancer.

Some different types of cancer are triggered by abnormal cancerous cells formation that finds fertile grounds in the body. Often, the worst types of cancer are also triggered by the surrounding living conditions. Here comes up the list of countries with the highest cancer rates.


#1 – Cezch Republic

The best travel apps help you mostly to find your way through the streets of your travel destination. Thy assist you in highlighting traveling abroad tips and compiling a travel bucket list. But they surely would not tell you about the high rates of all types of cancer in some countries.

The Czech Republic is a good place to visit when traveling out of the country, but what you probably do not know is that it has a huge archive of nonmelanoma skin cancer cases.

The death rates of cancer are equally high, as records unveil approximately 263 deaths among each 100,000. The most common types of cancer are breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.

#2 – Canada

The holidays season is about to be here, so it is a good chance to realize your travel bucket list ideas. You could book your flight thanks to cheap airfares which can pop at any moment on the best travel booking websites.

But things are not always this pink. Maybe, speaking of something less cheerful like cancer can discourage you to go anywhere. Sadly, Canada is one of the countries that record high cancer rates.

Despite the rise of cancer death rates, the Canadian government is doing its best to reduce the rising figures of cancer rates. Regardless of the tragic nature of this information, you could still visit the country on an adventure travel trip.

#3 – Norway

How much do you know about the Vikings? The more you hear about these people, the more excited you become about getting aboard one those promos flights to arrive at places like Norway to see at close range the last remnants of the Vikings.

Winter is around the corner, so you might find good active vacation packages and fly to Norway. There is something you might be interested in knowing as well which is that this Scandinavian country witness high rates of cancer.

The most prevalent types of cancer are lung, prostate, colon, and breast cancers. Most cases of cancer are detected and diagnosed at the age of 70. The country estimates that cases of a cancer diagnosis would reach 40.000 by 2030.

#4 – Belgium

While you are excited about getting cheap plane tickets and ready to take off to your air travel destination, some people are struggling with the deadliest kind of diseases on earth which is cancer.

Belgium might be recommended by any travel booking agent as a destination and is at the same time a country with high cancer rates according to experts. Rare types of cancer prevail around the country, but the most common type is breast cancer.

Most cases are spotted among groups of patients of 35-49 years old, also 50-69 years. The country has highlighted estimates of cancer diagnoses, tests and cases’ analysis 6 years from now, hoping that an effective treatment will be found to deter this plague.

#5 – United States

People from Europe and other countries dream of going on international trips and come down the road to the US. Since you are an American, you might think that there is not much to see, but, in fact, there is a lot to discover.

You might be aware of the fact that the US joins the list of countries with top obesity rates, but you might not be aware of its high rank when it comes to cancer rates.

The increasing figures of cancer diagnosis, the scientific papers, and studies plus the cancer diagnosis stories told by patients all prove that Americans’ lifestyle is what leads to pushing cancer rates sky-high. The amounts of consumed alcoholic beverages, overweight issues, and smoking are contributing factors.

#6 – New Zealand

You might have thought a long time ago of visiting New Zealand. You probably have set on your mind on making it the place where all or most of your bucket list ideas would become a reality. You might have even made a research on the best time of the year when to embark on cheap international trips.

Yet the 2019 attack might have changed your mind and plans. Despite the horrors witnessed in 2019, New Zealand can still be a safe and gorgeous travel destination. But it is, unfortunately, one of the highly-ranked countries when it comes to the increase in cancer rates.

The most strikingly increasing type of cancer is breast cancer among females along with respective cases of melanoma skin cancer.

#7 – France

So where is your next stop? Do you have any enthralling bucket list vacations in mind? If you want a romantic destination, we would recommend France which gets more mesmerizing every Christmas season. In spite of this joy that covers the skies of France, some people suffer behind the walls of hospital wards.

Their battle against different types of cancer is fierce. Just like the US, the French living style seems to provide fertile grounds for all sorts of cancer to develop.

It must be noted that high cancer rates are more common among males (29%) if compared to females (2%). The spark of hope here is that survival rates from breast cancer spike to 87%.

#8 – Australia

If your next travel destination is Australia, then it is a good idea to keep top travel apps downloaded on your device. Given the largeness of this country-continent, you might get easily lost and become thrown off.

Therefore, having a travel map app, travel guide app, and travel insurance policy in hand is a pretty smart move. What you should also know about Australia is that it records high rates of cancer cases.

Earlier this year, 126800 cancer cases were to be analyzed, and this alarming figure is expected to increase by 50,000 by the outset of 2020. The most common type of cancer is skin cancer, which is why the Australian government took serious action to prevent it.

#9 – Ireland

The classification of cancer rates by country is carefully drawn and thoroughly analyzed by experts in the field. Ireland is no exception to this. Recent reports, done earlier this year, unearth some worrisome cancer rates.

The lifestyle causes and generic factors worked cooperatively on dangerously increasing cancer rates. The cancer diagnosis figures are almost equal with high death rates. By 2020, experts estimate that cancer rates would become more grievous. About 40,000 cases of cancer are received and analyzed yearly.

The most prevalent types of cancer in the country are breast cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer. Patients with good medical coverage can have some tests covered.

#10 – Denmark

This is another Scandinavian country with high cancer rates on this list. It occupies the first rank as far as high cancer rates are concerned to the extent of being called the heart of cancer globally.

The leading factors which contribute to the increase of cancer cases are smoking addiction and alcoholic consumption. These are the top causes of various and deadly types of cancer.

Luckily, in many parts of the country, cancer is potted on time which increases both chances of survival and recovery. Still, Danes are invited to change their lifestyle and adopt healthier habits which would ensure them few more days to live.

Cancer rates and figures are increasing. There is not much to do about the triggering genetic factors, but slight changes in your lifestyle can shield you from a wide range of cancers.

John W. Roper
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