Here Are The 10 Countries With Super-High Divorce Rates


Your home can turn into a living hell if your marriage is collapsing, becoming an example of all what you imagined about bad relationships.

However, if you are thinking about getting a divorce, then you will be doing the wisest thing; you won’t be the first to get divorced, and your kids won’t be the only ones with divorced parents.

This is a harsh thing to say, which we surely know, but facts are facts. Nowadays, reputable divorce lawyers are richer than millionaires. The divorce rate statistics and divorce records reveal a significant increase in divorce figures in recent years.

Like in any other relationship, certain things in marriage cannot be fixed or amended when they are broken.

Having trust issues in marriage, communication issues in marriage and other issues might not be solved out through engaging in marriage and family therapy programs when the relationship reaches a no-return point. This is a guide to divorce rates by state.

#1 – USA- 53%

1-usa-53©Transparency International

When marriage issues become more serious, and the shared love and respect fade away, most couples keep expecting and waiting for when to get a divorce. The thing is that the sooner the better getting a divorce would be, especially if kids are in involved.

Reports show that the divorce rate in the US has reached 53%, which is, in fact, the highest rate in the world and the lowest on this list. Still, what has been noticed is that Americans look forward to getting married, but when they do, their marriages do not last for too long.

#2 – France- 55%


You might think that French folks are romantic, but they still have their marriage troubles. When something so important to the marriage is lost, resorting to marriage counseling therapy would be a waste of time and money.

The French might have tried this too, but the result was though high divorce statistics. France records 55% as a high divorce rate which it is. Through a quick comparison between the French rural areas and the urban ones, experts found out that the former has lower divorce cases than the latter.

The country’s government encouraged couples to go for marriage therapy, yet things are not always this simple.

#3 – Cuba-56%

3-cuba-56©National Post

Unlike all its neighbors in Latin America, Cuba has the highest divorce rate, which is estimated to be 56%, in the region. The number of Cubans filling in divorce papers is in great increase since 1998.

The country is not a really good place where to have a family and survive marriage issues, as housing problems and poverty pave the way for divorce.

The dreadful economic circumstances in Cuba contribute to the increase in the average divorce rate in the country. Some people in Cuba would skip marriage and remain committed to their partners differently.

#4 – Estonia-58%

4-estonia-58©League of Students

The reports of divorce rates in 2019 include countries like Estonia as one of the countries with the highest divorce rates in Europe. The cost of divorce does not seem to be a source of worries in this country. Can you imagine that in Estonia about 6 out of 10 marriages land up in divorce lawsuits?

To avoid the entire scenario of waiting for divorce decrees and going through the whole battle of divorce in courts, many Estonians gloss over marriage. The country’s policies and rules contributed greatly to the rise of its divorce rate.

#5 – Luxemburg-60%


Some marriage issues are just beyond the capacity of local therapists and what marriage counseling can offer. This is also a point where even the best answers to how to deal with marriage issues become void of meaning and pointless.

The solution is then getting a divorce; note that divorce mediation ends up as a battle but not as worse as marriage issues. Luxembourgians must have been through the same struggles. The divorce rate in this small European country is 60%.

The country’s laws stress that both parties, wishing to get a divorce must be above the age of 21. On top of this, the marriages should last for 2 years, at least, before filing for divorce.

#6 – Spain-63%


Like the case of many countries in the European continent, Spain ranks high on the scale of divorce cases. The divorce rate statistics reveal high figures; on the opposite side, marriage rates are equally low. This is not really easy to accept given the Catholic past of the country.

But facts are facts. The country has outlined a new way to speed up the divorce procedures by necessitating the mutual agreement of both parties on divorce.

A new law named ‘Divorcio Director’ has been introduced, highlighting certain conditions that should be fulfilled upon filing for divorce. The financial crisis in the country is a factor in this rise.

#7 – The Czech Republic 66%

7-the-czech-republic-66©Council of Europe

Staying with a partner who abuses you physically or psychologically would just lead to the accumulation of psychological problems. Things can develop into serious psychological disorders. This could be avoided if you decide to take action and get a divorce.

This might be the daily suffering of many individuals in the Czech Republic where the divorce rate reached 66%. 11% of men and 13% of women of all of the country’s population are already divorced.

Woman are mostly the ones that obtain the right of custody upon divorce. The contributing factors to the rise of divorce are financial issues and the great personality gaps between individuals.

#8 – Hungary-67%

8-hungary-67©World Finance

Europe is home to several countries with high divorce rates as it is made clear so far. Hungary is another state where marriage and family therapy programs do not seem to be functional enough; as the divorce rate is 67%.

The overall rate of marriage has also scaled back off in recent years. In Hungary, more women (12.4%) are divorced than men (10%). Many factors contribute to the increase in divorce, which can explain the decline of marriages rates as well.

Hungarians might rather prefer to be in a long-term relationship without marriage over going for divorce battles on the fronts of family courts.

#9 – Portugal-68%

9-portugal-68©G Adventures

When kids are involved, parties who would file for divorce must think first of how does divorce affect children. Some couples are careless to the extent of using their kids in their divorce lawsuits. This can destroy the present and future of the child.

We are sure that this is something divorced parents are aware of in Portugal which has a high divorce rate of 68%. Despite the Catholic heritage of the country, marriage is skipped by many Portuguese individuals.

However, marriage rates are still high in comparison with the divorce rate. The difference between couples’ mindsets and the presence of financial issues promote the rise of divorce rates in the country.

#10 – Belgium-71%


Of all the countries enlisted here, Belgium has literally the highest divorce rate in the world. Divorce statistics show that almost 32 000 of Belgians file for divorce yearly which justifies the increase of divorce rates. Still, 1/3 of marriages in the country last.

The 71% divorce rate is recorded both regionally and globally. Despite the richness of Belgium at all levels, couples still might not get along due to issues that they face mentally, psychologically or even physically. Yet the rate of lasting marriages is not that bad.

When kids are involved in a divorce battle, things become a mess and divorce procedures would consume more time. What matters in all this is never using kids as winning cards in divorce lawsuits, for if you do, their psychology would be deeply influenced by something which is not their fault.


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