These are The 8 Largest Hospitals In the World


Some of the best hospitals in the world have excellent health professionals and nurses to attend to the various needs of patients, advanced technology, large housing and bed capacity, a wide range of medical services and facilities, outstanding ambulance service, a culture of innovation, and the ability to put patients first no matter what.

There is a number of hospitals around the world that have earned their patients’ trust and the recognition of their peers as well as that of the world. From China, India, Taiwan, Serbia, to the United States, we have prepared a list of the largest and best hospitals in the world.

#8 – Auckland City Hospital (New Zealand)


New Zealand’s largest hospital is the Auckland City Hospital that has over 1,477 medical staff, 3,500 treatment rooms, provides 1,124 beds to patients, and undertakes 66,000 acute rehabilitation discharges and 30,000 acute surgical discharges annually.

The Auckland City Hospital provides some of the best medical laboratories in the world and the best specialist services in New Zealand, which include: Pediatric services, intensive care, hepatic surgery, organ transplants, epilepsy surgery, massive hemoptysis surgery, and deep brain stimulation.

Moreover, the interior of the hospital is painted in warm, healing colors including yellow and red that provide a welcoming environment and stimulate the energy of patients.

Publicly funded, the Auckland City Hospital also conducts clinical research, making it not only the biggest hospital but also the biggest clinical research facility in New Zealand.

#7 – The St. George’s Hospital (UK)

7-the-st-georges-hospital-uk©Croydon Guardian

Number seven on our list is the St. George’s Hospital in London which provides specialist tertiary care, both nationally and regionally. The original site of the hospital was founded in 1733, making the St.George’s Hospital 200 years old today.

This hospital provides a large number of services including advice and support services, accident and emergency services, cancer Services, breast surgery, cardiology, stroke care, Ear, Nose & Throat, trauma services, dermatology services, and mental health services for adults.

In addition to its healthcare services, St. George’s Hospital which has around 1,300 beds and 8,500 staff members, provides excellent medical training services to other hospitals in the region.

#6 – The Jackson Memorial Hospital (US)

6-the-jackson-memorial-hospital-us©Miami Herald

The sixth in this list is the Jackson Memorial Hospital, located in Miami, Florida. As the third-largest public hospital in the United States, the Jackson Memorial Hospital has the capacity to house 2,000 patients at a time.

The Jackson Memorial Hospital has around 1,550 beds for patients, works with 9,000 health professionals, and serves as a major non-profit, tertiary care teaching hospital of the University of Miami Leonard.

The hospital also has the only available Level 1 Trauma Center—providing the highest level of surgical care—in the southeastern region of the U.S. state of Florida.

Among the medical services that the Jackson Memorial Hospital provides are: Organ transplant services, pediatrics, pathology, HIV and Aids services, neurology, radiology, Bloodless medicine/surgery, and rape treatment.

#5 – The Presbyterian Hospital (US)

5-the-presbyterian-hospital-us©The Independent

The Presbyterian Hospital in New York has around 20,000 employees, a total of 2,478 beds, and provides some of the world’s best medical services.

The Presbyterian Hospital which receives over 310,000 patients each year, accepts major health insurance including Medicaid, Medicare, and Presbyterian Health Plan.

In addition to accepting health insurance, the hospital offers a 25% discount on all services to its uninsured patients.

Some of the medical services available at the Presbyterian Hospital include intensive care, labor and delivery, medical and surgery, operating room services, and a 24-hour emergency department.

The hospital is known for its high-quality ambulance services, making it not only amongst the best in the country but also in the world.

#4 – The Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China)


The fourth-largest hospital in the world is the Beijing Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medicine which has a housing capacity of 2,500.

As its name indicates, the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has the highest quality traditional holistic treatments including herbal medicine and acupuncture as well as western-style medicine. The herbal medicine used in the hospital is authorized by China’s Ministry of Health.

As part of its quality healthcare, the hospital offers a 24-hour translation service for foreign patients. The hospital treats cancers, infertility, obesity, diabetes, sleeping disorder, intervertebral disc herniation, mood disorders, allergy, chronic pains, early-stage heart disease, etc.

#3 – Ahmedabad Civil Hospital (India)


The Ahmedabad Civil Hospital founded in 1841 is one of the oldest and most advanced hospitals in India. It has a total housing capacity of 2,800 people, 2,800 beds, and conducts 6,500 birth deliveries and 26,000 surgeries each year.

The Ahmedabad Civil Hospital has been ranked fifth in the list of the “Top 10 largest hospital” by the HealthCare Global.

The hospital has some of the best medical services in India which include plastic surgery, pediatrics, psychiatric services, cardiology, physiotherapy, neurosurgery, urology, pain management, and Immuno Haematology Blood Transfusion.

#2 – The Clinical Center of Serbia (Belgrade, Serbia)


With the capacity to house 3,500 people, have 50 buildings on its ground, provide over 3,150 beds, and employ 7,000 people, the Clinical Center of Serbia is the main medical center in Serbia, the largest in Europe and third on this list.

The hospital received around one million patients annually performs 50,000 surgeries and 7,000 childbirths.

The hospital’s health facilities include but are not limited to, cardiology, childcare, emergency care, radiology, laboratory services, and nuclear-related analysis.

#1 – The Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Taiwan)


The top on our list and in the world is the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan which has a housing capacity of 10,000, a bed capacity of 10,000, treats more than one million patients each year, and employs more than 5,000 healthcare professionals and nurses.

The Chang Gung Memorial Hospital has state-of-the-art technology and the best medical services in Taiwan.

The hospital’s healthcare system consists of the Chang Gung University, Acute Hospitals, Chronic Hospitals, Chang Gung Health and Culture Village, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, and Chang Gung Nursing Home.

While these were some of the largest, successful hospitals in the world we should also consider that there are many other hospitals around the world that are in dire need of basic facilities to treat their patients, including those who suffer from critical illnesses.

Nevertheless, the best doctors know that their job is to treat their patients with their blood, sweat, and tears.


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