10 Weird Things Americans Do That The Rest Of The World Doesn’t Get


10-weird-things-americans-do-that-the-rest-of-the-world-doesnt-get© pexels

You may think that using identical dollar bills and opening gifts in front of the giver is a very normal thing, but the truth is, it is not… at all!

The rest of the world asks thousands of questions while watching us all acting spontaneously weird. You can just play a normal Hollywood movie to a foreigner and watch him/her being shocked and surprised.

When we go abroad to discover other cultures, we also find many things weird and unusual, but it is just our habits that are way too different than everyone else’s. Are you aware that some of our behaviors are also considered rude? Well, too much we don’t know…

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  1. America has some greatness to it but in most cases, the most successful are the most arrogant – they think they’re better than God and they don’t care.