Last Updated on January 4, 2021

  © Daily Post Nigeria The best way to discover the world is to visit distant locations and to explore exotic and mysterious cultures. But, even if you are an experienced traveler, you should be aware of the fact that there are some dangerous cities in the world where you should take serious safeguard measures. It doesn’t mean that they are not worth paying a visit; actually, you might feel that these cities would offer a memorable experience full of surprise and adventure. However, you should check the latest information from the Foreign Office travel advice about the current situation in the country you are intending to visit and to make sure that you are going to a safe place. Planning your trip is the most important step towards making it an ideal one, whether you want to travel with family or friends, you absolutely need some information to stay safe.  
Caracas is the political and cultural capital city of Venezuela. The city most exceptional feature is its charming tropical climate which is a small variation between summer and winter weather; besides, the city is mostly admired by its gastronomy and beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, Caracas is facing a dangerous crisis due to the increasing number of drug sellers which directly lead to street crimes, making it an undesirable place for many tourists. Generally speaking, many countries have announced travel warnings for Venezuela due to its increasing rate of crimes.


Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

It is universally known that Mexico’s most popular feature in the world is the drugs business. In fact, Ciudad Juarez is considered as the most violent city in Mexico. It suffers from several crises due to drug gangs who control everything including police and the city’s council officers. Hence, every aggressive act is completely unpunished out there.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is another unsafe travel destination. The city is suffering from an excessively high rate of crimes and social unrest.


  1. Guess you just need to stay away from countries controlled by non whites.

    • Glenn, you are such a bigot. You know white men go to the black men’s countries to steal their goods and destabilize them.

    • your comment is very racist.

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      • I’m white is what I meant

  2. I don’t know if you’re being flippant, or serious. But I do know that your statement is correct.

    • Bob I was being serious and looking at the counties it proves my point.

  3. After viewing all of the Cities, Im not surprised to say that ” of course, its everywhere that the Whiteman has been and stired up chaos…No shock here!!!

  4. South/Central America & Middle East countries. Why am I not surprised? That’s why Europe and Far East Asia are my favorite vacation & cruise destinations.

    • Avatar Leon DiJusticia

      Europe is getting pretty dangerous nowadays. Unfortunately, desperate people will resort to desperate things and whatever problems they have (mentally, physically, etc.) they usually bring with them.

  5. I dont agree with this list specially #2 is 100% wrong, Karachi is very peaceful, beautiful city on the face of the earth. I know because I’m from Karachi.

    • When I could walk on the streets of Peshawar after dark,even then everyone said to stay away from Karachi.

    • Avatar Leon DiJusticia

      How long has it been since you were last in Karachi?

  6. Chicago isn’t on the list?

    • Thank You. It so sad that people are so racist. Also you miss out on having a variety of people in your life and learning from other cultures. I am going to Cambodia and Thailand next year and one of the things I am doing is learning French. Over half of Cambodia speaks French and about 40% of Thailand. I am also purchasing clothes that are acceptable for those countries. Well we are very open here in America they are far more modest. When in Rome …. That is how you visit someone else’s country as a white lady with serious consideration for those around me.

    • It should be and what about NY?

  7. They should list China. Stay away haha

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