5 Dangerous Things You Should Never Do In A Hotel!


    Last Updated on November 9, 2020

    When you travel, you often get overwhelmed by new surroundings, new environment, jet lag, in addition to the airport security procedures that you have to endure.

    So, when you arrive at your destination, exhausted and groggy, all you want to do is hit the pillow as soon as possible, which may lead you to make some mistakes like forgetting your carry-on luggage or other belongings in a cab, riding the wrong bus, getting to the wrong hotel, or forgetting to lock your hotel room once you’re there, which is a dangerous mistake that could cost you your life.

    Yes, hotels are magnets for crimes like theft, rape, and murder, no matter how safe you may think some of them are. So, you must keep a watchful eye of your surroundings at all times and never let your guard down once you check into a hotel.

    #1 – Losing sight of your luggage

    Once again, dropping your guard once you check into a hotel is a dangerous mistake.

    Don’t ever turn your back on your luggage. If a hotel staff member asks to carry your suitcase or bags to your room when you’re still busy at the hotel reception desk, kindly ask them to wait for you to finish so that you can accompany them.

    Don’t think that just because you’re in a decent hotel, there wouldn’t be rogue employees.

    The same goes for leaving your valuables in plain sight when you exit your hotel room. Obviously, hotel staff has a master key that allows them into your room to clean it up, and if there are any thieving employees among them, expect to find that your possessions and valuables have been wiped out!

    #2 – Not using the hotel room safe

    Employees have a special way to gain access to your hotel room safe when you lose the password or key.

    So, it’s understandable if you’re questioning the safety of a hotel safe, especially as there have been several instances where dishonest hotel employees stole money or jewelry from the in-room safe in hotels around the world.

    No safe is 100% safe just like how no hotel room is 100% safe.

    But using a safe is still better than leaving your valuables in the open because at least you can use your own lock to deter burglars.

    Get a Milockie hotel safe lock for your hotel room safe which only you can unlock.

    #3 – Forgetting to lock your hotel room

    Hotel break-ins are nothing new and they can happen even in five-star hotels.

    Entering your room without locking the door behind you can be as dangerous as leaving your room unlocked when you leave your room, if not worse—because at least you wouldn’t be in the room if a burglar breaks into it.

    No matter how much you’re exhausted or in a hurry to take a shower and go out, never leave your hotel room unlocked. Yes, people tend to be forgetful but make checking your door lock a habit, much like checking your phone!

    Whether you’ve checked into a motel or hotel, don’t forget to use the swing-bar lock after you lock the door, if available.

    Some hotel rooms may not be equipped with extra door locks, so consider buying a rubber door wedge which won’t take a lot of space in your bags but will be useful when it comes to securing hotel room doors.

    P.S., before you lock the door while you’re in the room, confirm that the bathroom and closets are vacant, and lock the windows as well, if your room is on a lower floor or ground floor.

    #4 – Choosing the wrong floor

    Be vigilant in deciding your hotel room floor.

    Do not go for the ground floor which is the most vulnerable to burglars, or the highest floor which is the hardest to evacuate in case of an emergency.

    Safety and travel experts recommend choosing rooms in floors between the third and the sixth floors which aren’t as easy for burglars to access and not too high for the fire engine ladder or difficult to exit during a fire evacuation.

    #5 – Not purchasing travel insurance

    Ok, this isn’t about a mistake that you should avoid in a hotel but if what’s done is done, travel insurance will cover the expenses of your lost or stolen valuables.

    Travelers tend to forget that there is something called travel insurance although it offers many benefits:

    Not only does travel insurance cover your medical expenses including medical emergency or medical evacuation, but it also covers trip delays or cancellations, damaged or stolen items—even the stolen luggage in which your valuables were kept.

    Trip insurance prices typically range from price from $250 and $500 but think of how much you’ll save up when you have trip insurance.

    Once you’ve purchased your travel insurance, chose the fourth or fifth hotel floor, arrived safely at your hotel, got your luggage safely to your room, secured your hotel room safe, and used extra door locks, you’ll know that you’ll sleep peacefully once your head hits the pillow!


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