The 10 Most Expensive U.S. Cities to Live In 2019


While you are planning to book your flight and fly to your next travel destination, other people are packing their last boxes to move to a new home and city.

Not everyone is interested in traveling out of the country for leisure, spending hours looking for cheap plane tickets to embark their next air travel journeys. Some individuals are on the lookout for new jobs and life shots somewhere else.

One of the most precious and unique bucket list ideas these people have in mind is starting over in a new place with new, promising chances. Their least worries are looking for low-cost airline tickets, contacting travel insurance companies, or hiring the services of luxury travel companies.

Their primary source of worries is their long-living expenses list. If they pick the most expensive cities to live in, then there is no escape from expenses and costs which might be sometimes beyond the lines of average incomes and salaries. Let us find out about the top 10 most expensive cities to live in the US.

#1 – Dallas

It is nice to come to Dallas on a travel experience trip, as you might get your hands on flight and hotel deals through travel booking websites or with the assistance of a travel booking agent.

But to live in Dallas is totally different, for the living expenses are not so cheap. The annual taxes, property buying costs, and yearly housing costs are all super expensive.

If you think of the city’s suburbs as an alternative, then note that a place, a decent one of course, can cost you up to 1000 bucks, not to mention the additional living expense and bills.

#2 – Stamford

The Stamford metropolitan area is hardly a travel destination for bucket list vacations, but surely people think of moving and living in the city mostly because they have no clue about the average living expenses which are high.

If you are planning to move with a family, you cannot certainly afford it due to the high living expenses. Healthcare, childcare, housing plus the taxes are all the main considered details in any living expense comparison.

If you want to meet successfully the needs of your family, you need to have a really good income plus another fruitful source.

#3 – Boston

Many travel tour companies organize tours in this city, and all you need to do to in order to benefit from one is contacting the top travel companies’ agents. This might be your plan of the year, but someone else’ could be moving and living in Boston.

This is not going quite convenient for someone with a low income. A single, tiny studio in Boston can cost you up to $1300. But if you are looking for an apartment, you would mostly pay up to $2500.

You would probably think that concluding your flight reservation to your favorite travel destination would cost less than this. Boston is most known for its lavish mansions, so it is hard to find a normal house.

#4 – Honolulu

Who would say no to an offered adventure travel trip to this city? It could be a trip of a lifetime, especially if it comes with good and fully-covered, active vacation packages.

Do not worry about getting lost, for the best travel tour companies can provide you with a personal guide to show you around in Honululu. Traveling could be afforded if you manage to save enough money, but living in the city could be quite challenging and expensive.

Both owning and renting a house would cost you a fortune, but renting can be less merciless. Another problematic thing in Honululu is that the simplest needs like gas, food, and real estate are just more than what one can afford.

#5 – Washington

You would likely jump of joy if you manage to find promo flights and have the chance to see at close range all the historical monuments in Washington. However, a long-term stay, say, living there is not a good idea.

Washington is enlisted as one of the expensive cities in the USA given that even housing costs are unaffordable. To find a decent place with an affordable cost, you have to go off the city lines.

Living as a family in Washington is pretty challenging; you might manage if you are on your own on an internship or training program, yet living permanently is not a wise idea.

#6 – Chicago

Just as the case of Washington, living on your own expenses in Chicago is not a good decision. The main issue is housing, as the residents complain about their inability to afford a full house with all the necessary utilities available.

If you are planning to move to Chicago, we advise you to reconsider your options because this city is no way budget-friendly. In case you think you can manage together with your family to live in an apartment of one bedroom, then you are wrong.

The rent of such an apartment would cost you up to $1,980. If you want to a reasonably priced house, you need to go off the city lines.

#7 – Oakland

California is on the top travel priorities of many people in their bucket list journal. Some of them might be getting a quick trip with the assistance of top travel tour companies, while others plan for a longer stay or in other terms, living in the city.

Oakland could be their main destination but not a cheap one at all. If you want to individually own a house with an average income, you need months and years to accumulate a fortune to afford a house in the city.

The apartment pricing ranges from $2850 to $3450. This is to the cost of house ownership but rather of the rent of one with two bedrooms.

#8 – San Francisco

California seems to include many unaffordable cities. This implies that the most expensive cities to live in the US are located in this state. The city of San Francisco is no exception to this.

The economic factor in this city makes it even harder to survive on a budget, not even for few weeks. You might go on a trip and get the help of travel tour companies to tour the city of San Francisco.

The ugly truth is that many residents are forced to leave the city. The housing is super expensive, as a-1-bedroom apartment would cost $3,500.

#9 – Los Angeles

Another gorgeous city in California, and also another spot you cannot afford to live in is Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the city of dreamers, music fans and history lovers. If you are that lucky, you might get a good deal from the most popular travel company names.

If you prefer wandering around on your own, a travel map app or travel guide app can help.

But if you are planning it extend your stay and settle down in this city, you have to reconsider your decision unless you can afford the expensive living expenses in the city. The rent rate for a decent apartment of 1-2 bedrooms ranges from $2,037 to $3,091.

#10 – New York City

The best travel companies can organize trips and tours to the gorgeous New York City. Travelers can afford a week-stay for an unforgettable vacation in an affordable hotel if they manage to find one.

However, staying there for a lifetime is not a good idea, for New York City is highly expensive on all fronts. The pricing of a normal house can cost up to $748,651.

If you think that you can escape this by renting a house, then the bad news is that even New York City has the most expensive rent rates. Therefore, it is among the most expensive places to live in US.

You can find new shots and live in another place, but you can opt for cheaper cities where you can afford a decent house and other necessary utilities.