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Last Updated on March 6, 2021

3. Iraq

Like Syria, Iraq is a highly unstable country in constant conflict with dissident forces. The constant wars in the Middle East mean that everyone – even the most adventurous tourists – should avoid this area of the globe. At least for the next few years.

4. Mali

The Malian government extended the official state of emergency until the end of 2020. The state of emergency was first declared in 2015 due to the presence of several armed terrorist groups in the northern and central regions of the country. A couple of terrorist attacks against foreigners have been registered since then. The first one took place in 2015 at a hotel in the capital Bamako. The second was on a resort in Kangaba in June 2017. Given the locations of the attacks, it can be said with a high degree of certainty that the terrorist groups that carried out the strikes were specifically targeting tourists and foreigners.

5. Ukraine

As you may have already heard, the security situation in the eastern part of Ukraine is highly unstable. This is due to the clash between Ukrainian military forces and armed dissidents backed up by the Russian government. The capital city of Kyiv and other regions furthest from Russia are considered safe, but we still recommend you to stay away from Ukraine in 2020.

6. Somalia

There are several reasons not to visit Somalia: violent crime, civil unrest, health problems, poor infrastructures, piracy, kidnapping, and terrorism. Added to all these issues is the aggravating fact that terrorist groups have foreigners (or those in service of foreign entities) as their preferred victims. If you absolutely have to travel to this country for any reason, you need to have a contingency plan for emergency situations.

7. Libya

Ever since the death of Gaddafi in the Battle of Sirte that Libya has been absolute chaos. The country lives amidst a civil war and Prime Minister Serrah has announced a state of emergency and full mobilization of military forces, and the airports have been periodically suspended.

8. Venezuela

Venezuela is experiencing a severe economic crisis that has caused shortages of food, electricity, water, and medical supplies. This made the country even more insecure. The economic and political instability has led to civil unrest and an increase in crime.


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