10 Powerful Countries that are Impossible to be Invaded


War is never fun, it’s hell on Earth and shouldn’t be a source of glory for anyone. Only those who have experienced it would know how much of a pure hell it can be. And because of this, every country on the globe has prepared (or at least tried) itself accordingly, protecting against any unexpected military invasion.

Although fierce wars for conquest are very rare in our time, it’s also true that armed conflicts can happen anytime. In the latter case, the game won’t be quite fair because only the strongest and luckiest will survive.

What’s interesting is that some countries are believed to be impossible to invade (be it strength or luck)! Reasons can include geography, land topography, or the armies and people who are resistant and powerful enough that they just cannot be defeated.

Here is a list of top 10 great countries that can never be invaded

#10 – Iran

iran© The Daily Beast

Unlike its neighbors, Iran remains a strong influence in the Middle East region. The country has an enormously large army that consists of over half a million of soldiers, one thousand six hundred and fifty-eight tanks, and about one hundred thirty-seven aircraft which make it quite impossible for its enemies, be it Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, or the United States, to even think about invading it.

In addition to its powerful army, Iran’s topography is predominantly mountainous, pretty much like Afghanistan. We all, of course, know that the latter country has strongly resisted and has not been taken by the NATO despite the very long years of invasion.

Now we understand the reason why no attacking power could dare to invade Iran since World War II. Moreover, Iran’s strong army and mountainous terrain can withstand any superior attacking force. Iran didn’t stop there but begun its own nuclear program in order to consolidate its power even further.

The latter event made many believe that this is the best timing to invade. Well, dare and see what could possibly happen! a peaceful resolution seems to be a far better and less costly solution for everyone.