Here Are 9 Kinds Of People Who Will Not Like New York


New York, the city of dreams and wishes, is not it? Of course, it does have its flaws, yet it still is the city with the indescribable magic. Some people prefer traveling out of the country instead of exploring the rest of their home country.

It is good to keep an international travel checklist for the coming up holiday season, but you can have plans for a road trip or an air travel journey to NEW YORK.

This city cannot be said to be one of the 100% safest travel destinations, still, it is safe and good enough to convince you to fly to it. Finding the cheapest flights to New York is slightly troublesome even with the help of the best travel booking agent.

But never lose hope; you might get unexpectedly your hands on low-cost airline tickets at any moment. But before jumping to hotel and flight reservation, you got to ask yourself whether you are a New York person or not?

Are you coming from a small, quiet town, and you are about to break into a different planet? Is a travel experience to NYC really good for you? Well, let us find out together!


#1 – You will not like New York if you do not like noise


You are free to think that New York is one of the top safest travel destinations in the world, but it surely is not one of the quietest cities. To put up with spending some time in New York, you really need to be really patient and try to live with the noise around.

New York might be awarded one day for housing the loudest sounds ever. The loud noises are a part of New Yorkers’ lives; they are okay with it, but for you as a visitor and tourist who likes peace of mind and some silence, New York is not the right place for you even if the flight and hotel deals can be tempting sometimes.

#2 – You will not like New York if you are claustrophobic


Before you rush into accessing travel booking websites and already deciding to book tour flight, you need to make sure that New York is the right destination for you.

In other words, if you are a claustrophobic person, then trust us, you will not like being on any New York transportation means or an elevator in a New York City building. Finding a lot of people in tiny spaces is a typical thing about New York.

People are literally in great numbers everywhere. Take New York library halls or restaurants, for example, you can barely find enough space between the tables let alone the chairs.

#3 – You will not like New York if you are not good at budgeting

3-you-will-not-like-new-york-if-you-are-not-good-at-budgeting©Park Grand Paddington Court London

When you kick off your travel, it is better to keep travel luggage light, but we know that it is hard to do the same thing on your way back home; right? New York is the one spot which will make you broke in one day.

Being lucky and finding cheap plane tickets does not necessarily imply that you are going to find everything there at low prices. Any visitor of New York must be equipped with good economizing strategy.

If you just decide to go downtown, you need about $100 to at least cover the transportation, a tiny snack and maybe a quick tour in a New York museum. Imagine how much you will actually need money to spend an unforgettable vacation in New York!

#4 – You will not like New York if you are a nature person


New York could be classified among the safest vacation spots, relatively. But we have to tell that New York City is not the perfect spot where to get fresh air. You might like New York weather and green parks.

Still, it is really hard to take into your lungs a breath of fresh air unless you wake up at 5 AM when the streets would be 50% void of cars and people.

There are surely no factories in New York, but there are other sources of hazardous pollutants, resulting from hot garbage and fumes. Therefore, New York is not an eco-friendly spot. If you are naturalist, NYC is simply not right for you.

#5 – You will not like New York if you do not like walking


We understand that once you decide to travel, you start imagining all the services you will get to benefit from when you get an active vacation package. But you need to make sure that you picked the right spot to spend a good time based on your preferences.

For instance, if you are into walking a lot and wandering around when public transportation is not available, New York is not good for you as a place to visit. You could use the New York subway but with the crowded people in, you would rather walk, especially if you are carrying anything heavy.

#6 – You will not like New York if you do not like exploring


New York is a big place; there are hundreds of spots to discover. Tourists and travelers who come to New York are unique adventure travel seekers. They would walk in the streets and neighborhoods and see where the wind takes them.

But not everyone is a fan of walking out and about in new places for the purpose of exploring. So if you are the kind of person who likes to plan for his or her days out in advance, and you are not into sudden exploring journeys, pick another travel destination other than New York.

The magic in New York is about seeing unfamiliar things, tasting weird food, strolling down peculiar streets and coming back to your room in one of the hotels in Time Square, New York, with a package of memories.

#7 – You will not like New York if you are not okay with getting lost


The good thing about traveling inside the country is that you don’t have to worry about passport expiration dates, filling passport renewal form, looking for traveling abroad tips, and other details.

For a journey to a place within the borders, you can just drive and enjoy the ride. If you are planning to head to New York, bear in mind that being lost in the big streets and neighbors is a major aspect of New York locals’ and visitors’ lives.

Having a New York city map in hand is not enough to avoid getting lost. New York is for the kind of people who would walk out of their hotel rooms and lead the way to any new place driven by discovery.

#8 – You will not like New York if you are not a fan of crowds


New York is known as one of the most crowded cities globally. It is home to thousands of residents with different life and cultural backgrounds. It is truly a melting pot. But this is not always positive.

More folks around mean crowded markets, crowded malls, crowded stores, crowded parks, crowded streets, crowded means of public transportation; is not it suffocating? It surely is in light of crowds everywhere.

If you are the kind of person who likes enough free space around, you will be troubled by your stay in New York City. Traveling involves enjoying some time outside and shopping for few souvenirs for your friends and family, but when all spots are super crowded, you would likely prefer to stay in.

#9 – You will not like New York if you are not into taking risks when it comes to food choices

9-you-will-not-like-new-york-if-you-are-not-into-taking-risks-when-it-comes-to-food-choices©Grub Street

Are you really strict when it comes to your food habits? Are you thinking, by any chance, of taking risks of trying new flavors and foods? Well, New York is the place where to break all foods’ rules and try new flavors.

In this gorgeous place, you would have a good chance to enjoy the taste of the most exquisite meals made of ingredients used in international cuisines. In fact, in New York is the center of all sorts of cultural experiences which include primarily trying new foods.

If you are not quite a fan of international cuisine, then New York might not be the proper travel destination for you.

If you are okay with all what we have mentioned so far, and you do like New York’s living style, then start packing, book your cheap plane tickets, and head to New York soon!


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